New Survey - Wants VS Needs: Ease the fight for entertainment and wants!

According to a Mind & Money Connection survey, people are refusing to give up certain expenses even though they are considered non-essential.

The top expenses include:

  • 'Treat Yourself' Purchases (like morning coffee) - 30.1%
  • Health & Wellness (gym memberships, therapy, etc.) - 29.3%
  • Media & Entertainment (streaming, music subscriptions) - 26.9%
  • Experiences (movie tickets, concerts, theme parks) - 26.7%
  • Social Activities (dining out, clubs, sports) - 22.5%

I can understand the desire to maintain certain health/wellness, and some extras to add normalcy during tough times, but there are options worth considering.

For those who want to hold onto non-essentials, I suggest exploring more affordable alternatives:

The key is to budget and do your research, get creative with free/low-cost options, and prioritize covering essential expenses first. Resources like the $30 Now Home Internet service can help make entertainment and work accessible if you need to cut a cost.

Remember, there are also assistance programs in the U.S. for the less fortunate. With discipline and a good plan, you can hopefully get through this challenging time and establish a budget. For saving, Paypal actually has a saving account option that provides you with 4.30%, so if you plug a small amount of money into it on a consistent basis you can benefit.

Lastly, Rideshare drivers, you can make $1200/year without additional work by signing up for a tablet to entertain your passengers. There is no charge for you and tips may increase due to the added entertainment.


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