Can the Steam Deck outgrow the Nintendo Switch? Yes it can! Here's why!

This might seem random (and it is), but... the Steam Deck has become a bigger curiosity when talking to fellow gamers. Either some are simply curious about it and want to learn more... or they're literally trying to find a store that sells it so they can snag one. I've talked to numerous gamers with Steam Deck on the brain, and after speaking about several pluses, most are sold on the investment. This wasn't for the sake of me selling anything but... there are pluses to having one. I still say... it's based on what you're looking for though (and i'll continue to say that).

The reason why the Steam Deck has the potential to outgrow the Nintendo Switch, is something I've mentioned before... and that's the Steam platform. It's been around longer than the Nintendo eShop, the Steam Deck won't have a cut off point in regards to the Steam store (same as traditional laptops + desktops). Same account, different systems. 

The company itself would likely have to shut it's doors, but... that still wouldn't prevent the device from functioning. 

The same would apply to the Switch, but... as far as which would still have access to their respective online store... that would be the Steam Deck (unless Nintendo keeps the door open for the long haul to make it debatable). 

One might say it's possible for Nintendo to follow in Valve's footsteps, but... do you really see Nintendo placing potential sales at risk by allowing Switch access to the eShop for the life of future consoles? (C'mon Son!)

This doesn't count Nintendo out as far as future consoles go, but if and when Steam is able to get the price of the device down further... that would increase the incentive to buy. Especially for those who want games Nintendo doesn't have access to and... could careless about owning the First Party titles. The price hasn't stopped a number of gamers from asking me where to buy (after giving them the benefits of owning one). 

The saving grace for Nintendo is it's first party line up for die hard fans, and... one that we forget... which are the physical copies of games. When it comes to online support and access to eShop, that can vanish, but just like previous Nintendo consoles/handhelds, if you have the cartridge and your system works... you can play it. So when it comes to the physical games... Nintendo has the upperhand (these can be passed on to your kids without account/internet access), when it comes to digital... I give it to Valve. Also, you will be able to access new games on your Steam Deck... years from now, if it still works and iFixIt still repairs them. Technically, repair companies can fix a system regardless, as long as they have parts that fit.

The good thing is... these are two portable/versitile handhelds that are different enough to deliver more options for our enjoyment. Nintendo dominated for quite some time (with beloved handhelds still floating around + remakes), and now a new competitor is here + others, especially for those who gave up traditional/stationary consoles altogether. Some people aren't home that often and don't wish to carry around a console they need to connect to the telly in order to enjoy. There are some minimalists who don't even have televisions, while others just can't afford one.

Financial struggles also emerged as a topic, especially in terms of certain gamers looking at expenses and feeling as if they really need to watch out for spending too much due to financial insecurities (so the decision to buy is restricted to either or).

Financial insecurities actually opened the door to this conversation for a number of gamers who are fresh out of high school, they've been out of college for a few years (dealing with debt) and still don't qualify for entry-level positions, or they have a budget and want to invest in something that stretches beyond the shelf life of a traditional system. On that note... a lack of money increases the desire for some to spend more wisely (nothing wrong with budgeting either way... but) the cost of Nintendo's first party games comes up in terms of which system is more affordable for the long haul.

Nintendo eShop serves up deals (I've snagged multiple myself)... so I defintely wouldn't say that it doesn't, but when it comes to first party titles... they're going to remain at a premium price. Always have. This doesn't condemn the first party titles from Nintendo (there are some great ones), but a number of gamers are literally gaming exclusively from the discount bin outside of the times they save up for that one game they really want. On that note, if they don't realistically see themselves buying first party games from Nintendo... and they need a system that does more than gaming for the long haul... Steam Deck appears to be that solution because it's also computer. This sealed the deal for a number of the gamers that brought this topic to mind.

Both give you access to Hulu + YouTube, but Steam Deck gives you access to everything else as well + gaming + the ability to switch to desktop (remember this is a Linux operating system). I have no loyalty to either company, this is all about what benefits gamers and our needs. A gamer who needs a free video editing software, free image editing software, free office suite, and more... get these things in Steam Deck. Place the Steam Deck on the Dock and use a monitor and speakers for movies, and signing into an online work platform shouldn't be a stretch via Microsoft 360. Again, this doesn't make the Switch a bad option, but a number of gamers are adapting to the situation in order to enjoy gaming and grinding!

For struggling gamers who desire to get a Steam Deck/PC set up for a studio apartment, I recommend something... similar to the following:

39.4" Foldable Desk (No Assembly Required) | $69.99

22 Inch Monitors (2-Pack) 1920 x 1080p | $119.97

These desktop speakers also have speakers on the side | $13.99 or...

Logitech Z313 2.1 speeakers + Subwoofer | $59.99

Amazon Wireless Keyboard & Mouse | $20.69

Steam Deck Dock | $46.99

Put it together, and you have what you see in the image above.

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