FTS: CRITICAL REFLEX to Publish Mouthwashing, Wrong Organ’s Story-Driven Psychological Horror Game

Join the doomed crew of a deep-space freighter with the game’s free Steam demo, available now

NICOSIA, Cyprus – May 22, 2024 – Publisher CRITICAL REFLEX has announced a new partnership with indie developer Wrong Organ (How Fish is Made) to release the first-person, story-driven psychological horror game Mouthwashing on PC. The game’s first chilling demo was released as part of Steam Next Fest earlier this year and is available to play now on Steam.

When Pony Express’s interplanetary freighter Tulpar goes off course, its five crew members find themselves stranded with a diminishing supply of resources. As they face the threat of starvation and endure crippling isolation, the crew must fight back paranoia and hallucinations as they come to realize the question is not whether they will survive, but when they will perish… and who will be responsible.

Key Features

  • Inescapable Isolation: Explore claustrophobic corridors as time closes in on you.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Every detail tells a story. A keen eye is key.
  • An Unfolding Narrative: Uncover the truth about your captain, your crew, and your cargo.
  • Descend into Madness: Question everything, trust nothing. Not even your own mind.
  • Unforgiving Brutality: Hope to die, or for goodness sake, pray that everyone else did.

Mouthwashing joins a spine-tingling lineup of indie horror games under the CR Channel publishing label, which CRITICAL REFLEX announced last year. The collection includes Mike Klubnika’s viral hit Buckshot Roulette, free found-footage horror game TELEFORUM, and three upcoming titles: horror-sim Regular Home Renovation Simulator, horror fishing adventure Drowned Lake, and surreal hand-painted adventure Flawless Abbey.

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