Hangout Spots For Gamers... in Orlando!

I was asked recently about hangout spots in Orlando that may appeal to gamers, so it's the perfect opportunity to recommend some and turn up the in-person interaction with fellow gamers.

One location that immediately comes to mind is... The Pinball Palace at Dezerland. This location has a lounge where you can kick it with friends and play various games on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, retro consoles, and ofcourse... pinball + Pool! This lounge also has a bar with an assortment of drinks. Outside of couch co-op games, I'd probably go and play pinball or pool.

Dezerland is near the corner of International Drive & Oak Ridge Road (It's directly across the street from McDonalds, and the word 'Dezerland' are in huge letters). *There is also full arcade just past the bowling area at Dezerland as well.

Dezerland Park Orlando
5250 International Dr, Orlando (FL) 32819

Player 1 Video Game Bar is similar to The Pinball Palace, but you have a lot more drinks + snack options, which some have a game theme to them.

Snacks are limited. The current options are Boneless Chocobo Tenders, Itsa-me, Mario! Mozzarella Sticks, and Raph's Pizza Pockets. These prices are reasonable for the snacks, especially when compared to the sodas, which are $6.00 per bottle (yikes).

Player 1 Video Game Bar
8562 Palm Pkwy, Orlando (FL) 32836

Gods & Monsters is a comic book shop that serves drinks in it's Fallout themed "Vault 5421" bar (featuring games like free Joystick arcade tables). It has all sorts of figurines, the atmosphere feels like the perfect after party location once Comic-Con comes to a close. Which is crazy because the Orlando Toy & Comic-Con is going on right now! I can't confirm if they have food or not (in the vault).

Gods & Monsters
5421 International Drive, Orlando (FL) 32819

Quickly Boba N Snow isn't a place with video games, but... this Asian Fusion restaurant shows gamers, and anime fans a lot of love. Gamers will actually take their Nintendo Switch systems to this restaurant to chill, chat, game, and grub. You can really get your grub on here, and the prices are reasonable. Those Korean corn dogs are next on my list, we would get them here and there from a new place near by (Mochinut), but... you can basically get two for the price of one (because Quickly's Korean corndogs are $4 compared to $7.50).

Quickly Boba N Snow
3214 E Colonial Dr, Orlando (FL) 32803

While these are options you may be interested in checking out, there are other game/card related shops you can meet at if you don't plan to lounge. Also, you can go to a number of places and turn it into a hangout spot for gamers, because it all boils down to where a number of gamers choose to frequent. Seek places with a great option for lounging, good food at a reasonable price, and keep it respectful so that the owners appreciate the constant presence of gamers. They might even be gamers themselves.

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