Dear Developers: Don't Update Games With Annoying New Requirements

This crap that Sony just pulled with Helldivers 2, goes back to what I've said awhile back. I know some of you aren't even aware of what occured, and you're (probably) looking like Kendrick Lamar at the moment.

There was a particular 'Dear Developers' installment in 2017 talking about the problem with using game platforms for other game platforms. Remember that? Sony isn't the only one requiring logins through alternate platforms, I have to say that. There have been multiple publishers with this requirement like EA, Ubisoft, S-Game, and others.

The customers didn't buy the game after that was already a requirement though, so how fair is that to spring such an update on them?

There are a number of gamers including myself who don't wish to go that extra step in terms of opening a game, because some will ultimately try to avoid the games that take away your ability to simply go in and get your game on. If you make the decision to release a game on an alternate platform, it doesn't rob you of money if you allow gamers to... simply have the game on that platform without additional requirements that require usage of an alternate platform or sign-in. Right or wrong?

Whoever thought this would be a great idea for Sony to do, made a horrible decision (in my opinion). Horrible. It might not seem like a big deal, but think of what this means in terms of business and gaining access to PC gamers. Sure, they could reverse it, but that doesn't take away the fact that it happened, and... that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of select gamers and a stain on Sony. A stain that could make select gamers... paranoid. If they wanted a Playstation, they'd make that move.

Example: I literally will see EA games that I wouldn't mind playing, games that I actually own, but... I don't want to go through one platform to access others. And what if there are updates on Steam, and then you go in to the other platform and have to wait for an update there regarding the game and the platform itself? A number of gamers are already logging via limited free time, so it's imperative that publishers don't get in the way of their own success. Helldivers 2 is one of this years best selling games, so it's like... Sony, why!? According to Sadat over at GameRant, Steam is refunding Helldivers 2 players regardless of playtime, and that says something. I'm glad they were able to get a refund for this unexpected move, but the purchase was for good times that gamers were having. That said, i'm sure many were still like:

The developer can't be blamed for this, but they will get affected by something the publisher pulled. The desire to control, just might be a potential element, but... a number of PC gamers are on PC to get away from that very thing. Think about it, and... game on!