Disney is now an equity stakeholder in Epic Games... Oh Hell!

The idea that Disney's coughed up a whopping $1.5 billion to snag a piece of Epic Games is freaking some of us out, and yeah, I'm on that train. We're curious about this epic (pun intended) mash-up with Fortnite, but aren't just gonna ignore the potential mess Disney could make, like they did with Marvel.

Sure, GamesIndustry.biz says Epic's head honcho Tim Sweeney is still the big kahuna with majority control, but seriously, why in the hell does Disney gotta get all grabby with Epic? They could’ve played nice with Unreal Engine from a third-party approach and did collabs. And Blu's out here worrying about a possible the possible future where Disney might start calling the shots too.

If you ask me, this whole deal needs a big fat escape button. Y'know, something that says, "If Disney pulls a Disney and starts messing up our game, we're out." Because let's face it, nobody wants to see their gaming sanctuary go the way of the dodo just because Disney decides they want everything to sing and dance to their tune.

According to ScreenRant's Felipe Rangel, the game Disney CEO admitted that the Disney+ creation led to Marvel "losing focus". I don't want that to happen to with Epic. Maybe it will work out great, but if not, I'll save some energy to go off at a later time. I should be optimistic, and I'm curious about the Disney Universe but I don't know. Side-Eye Mode Activated.

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