Are you ready for... Project L.3.3.T.? Suit Up, Let's Go!

Well, well, well, it seems like Holmgard Games is ready to evoke some serious adrenaline rush this year! Are you ready for Project L.3.3.T., folks? This hardcore tactical extraction shooter is coming in hot! Holmgard Games claims it will be introducing a revolutionary gaming experience that will combine the intensity of tactical gameplay seen in titles like Escape from Tarkov with a host of innovative features that promise to take the genre to new heights. Check out this trailer:

Are you excited yet? I thought you'd be! This brand-new PvEvP hardcore tactical shooter is set to provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience. You'll be an elite mercenary from the L.3.3.T. agency tasked with engaging in high-stakes battles against both NPCs and rival players to secure precious loot in a world transformed by alien technology.

And the features, oh, the features! We are talking full character customization system, realistic weapon handling and modding with various components that we're in the dark about as far as how they differ in power. L.3.3.T. gives you an RPG-like health and physical characteristics system, and the ability to have AI teammates or go solo. Plus, we have character progression through discovering and learning training manuals scattered throughout the world to learn new skills and master the art of takedowns. And let's not forget about the social hub, where players can purchase and sell goods and gear via various vendors at the FOB (Forward Operating Base).

Lastly, the cherry on top of an already appetizing cake. Holmgard Game's Project L.3.3.T. features an advanced SEASONS system, featuring boss hunt “deck of cards” events, unique storyline missions, and faction challenges. Plus every four months as a new season begins, players will retain all unlocked cosmetics. I do have reservations about the option to transfer a limited number of gear and guns from the previous season, because what if I want to keep all my stuff?

This game looks promising, and Holmgard Games is promising to elevate the genre to another level. So, mark your calendars and prepare your battle stations because Project L.3.3.T. is launching in early access for the second half of 2024 with special closed alpha and closed beta playtest access starting March 2024!

It is currently in development for PC, for more information, visit the game’s official website at


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