The Portable Door... Mini Review!

After watching "The Portable Door," I have to say that it's a magical story that is semi-well-rounded and worth watching, despite falling short in terms of action. The film tries to be interesting, but sometimes it comes off as downright weird. Although certain characters are presented as sinister, it ultimately feels like fluff, and a missed opportunity to explore more depth in the plot. Sadly, there were numerous missed opportunities.

Nonetheless, the film is visually pleasing, thanks to a variety of camera angles used throughout. While some scenes may feel bland, the grocery store scene is a standout example of how the film can bring color and excitement to the screen. The audio is also well done, especially the sound effect of the portable door appearing and disappearing.

The icing on the cake is the price of the film. For anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription, "The Portable Door" is included in the package, which is a great deal for fantasy adventure enthusiasts. Overall, I would recommend giving it a watch.

I would give "The Portable Door" a 3.5 out of 5.


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