Press Start! Book Series...Reviewed!

Strap in your seatbelts because we're going on a turbo-charged nostalgia trip, with Scholastic's "Press Start!" book series at the wheel— beep beep!

First off, if your mini-you has ever glanced in the general direction of a video game and lit up like a Christmas tree (the one in Roxas Boulevard, I tell you), then this series is the literary equivalent of unlimited arcade tokens. Each book is like a love letter to the classic 8-bit side-scrolling adventures that likely ruled the childhood of anyone who grew up making their fingers dance on a D-pad.

Flintham has managed to pack a universe into these pages that's as colorful as a Jollibee kiddie party. His illustrations? Imagine a kaleidoscope of charming, vibrant pixels that seem to leap off the page for kids as if they're on a sugar rush. And Super Rabbit Boy? The little guy is basically your child's first digital best friend—brave, unrelentingly optimistic, and more reliable than the internet in a power outage.

The series isn't just a buffet of eye candy and adrenaline-pumping action—it’s also sneaky in teaching lessons without turning into an eye-rolling sermon. Whether it's teamwork, resilience (because gameovers aren’t the end, they’re just the start of a new run), or creative problem-solving (like figuring out how to beat that stage without the super-upgrade), kids absorb these bits faster than Super Rabbit Boy collects coins.

Super Rabbit Boy is the hero of the "Press Start!" series, and he's not your garden-variety carrot nibbler—this little fellow is as zippy as they come! Imagine if the Easter Bunny hit the gym, swapped his basket for a controller, and took a few levels in charm and bravery—that's him in a nutshell.

This pixelated powerhouse is like Mario and Bugs Bunny combined and he's focused on "Adventure time!" He's the kind of hero who jumps into the game world with a heart full of courage and a spring in his step. Leap over lava pits? No problem! Rescue friends from the fickle fingers of foul fiends? Just a Tuesday for our fuzzy friend! He embodies the classic video game protagonist ethos—think positive, keep trying, and if at first you don't succeed, respawn, and try again!

Super Rabbit Boy rushes through levels with the kind of boundless enthusiasm that would make you want to check his carrot juice for extra power-ups. He's all about that can-do attitude, serving up dollops of gumption with a side of friendly winks. Whether he's facing down bosses or racing to save Animal Town, he does it with the kind of pluck that has you cheering and ready for more.

For the parents, consider this a flashback without the backache from hunching over a Gameboy. Reading "Press Start!" to the young ones might just be the ticket for some heartwarming parent-child bonding. Plus, it's filled with enough sly gaming references to tickle your sense of nostalgia and make you recall the days when your biggest worry was saving the princess before dinner. The books are a great way to give kids a break from screen time, which is important. The plus is that, they aren't missing out because the books pull you in.

If you’re still on the fence about the series, let’s just say "Press Start!" stacks up to the gaming greats like a well-played stack of Tetris blocks. Flintham’s series is a power-packed, high-score-worthy addition to any youngster's bookshelf. And just like the best of games, watch as those little readers press ‘continue’ on their reading journey faster than you can say "Oras na para magtipid para maligo ka na."

"If you want these books to be something your younglings look forward to during your time together, I recommend pacing yourself. Setting a limit on the number of pages read per day helps. These books can be enjoyed by boys & girls." Blu 

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So, parents, if you want to see your kids' do the 100-meter dash to a book or for a storytime featuring Super Rabbit Boy, then "Press Start!" is a series that may cause such a reaction.

The "Press Start!" series has a whopping 14 captivating tales so far—with the excitement ramping up as we countdown to a fresh adventure dropping like a hot new game release on August 6, 2024!

Now, if you're all about digital convenience, snagging these on Kindle won't bust your wallet at a nifty $3.99 each. However, for those times when your eyes are begging for a screen break (because, let’s face it, blinking is the new workout), the tactile pleasure of a paperback is your BFF—at a wallet-friendly $5.99, so you can stack 'em up like a pro.

"eBooks rock, but when the opportunity to take a break from the screen time arises... it's definitely worth capitalizing on, especially for the younglings." Blu 

Considering something tougher than a paperback? The hardcovers do strut around at book fair prices of $13.43 to $26.99, which might have you doing a double-take and nodding along to why the paperback is the ol' reliable here. One major clincher to remember here is—Scholastic's not just playing games; they're on a mission to nudge kiddos into the chapter-reading big leagues, all while keeping it as exhilarating as conquering that final boss level. Truly, these books are like hidden easter eggs just waiting to be cracked open. So go on, give 'em a whirl!

Story 5

Illustrations 5

Useful 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points


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