FTS: (crim) Eminent Japan developer releases Early Access ‘STARNAUT’ Action Shooter + First 30: Starnaut

Hello Space Cadets and Space Cases, are you ready for a roguelike + bullet hell of an experience? Good! Hope on that rocket and let's blast off with Starnaut's Early Access release!

Valentine's Day 2024, that's February 14 for the forgetful bunch, saw STARNAUT blast its way into Early Access. Crim from Japan with the squad led by Sawaki Takeyasu leading the charge, is behind this baby. The dude's resume sparkles brighter than a supernova with heavy hitters like Devil May Cry, Okami, and Steel Battalion under his belt. This ain't just another shooter; it's a rogue-like space odyssey cranked up to eleven straight outta the capsule toy machine. So do your crew a solid and spread the word about Takeyasu and his latest escapade. STARNAUT is $7.99 and you can lose yourself in the crazy with ease.

Picture Vampire Survivors, now rocket that bad boy into the cosmos and season it with Japanese flavor and that's what you're getting into. Trust me, it's the kind of wild you don't wanna miss out on.

Features & Facts

  • Eradicate the enemies forming from the multiverse

  • Collect coins and upgrades

  • Equip eight different weapons that can be stored and used

  • Many Modes - including Sniper

  • Levels Galore

  • Lots of goodies to collect

Let me drop one more dose of crazy on you: You can get it for 40% off until February 21st!

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