Is the Xbox console still worth the money? Possibly... but

I think we're about to bid the Xbox farewell as a console. I said this in the past because they were placing their games on PC via the Gamepass, and you can play games directly on select Samsung Gaming Hub TVs via Gamepass.

Now Playstation owners are at the door of in terms of playing Xbox games, which doesn't necessarily spell doom and gloom for Xbox as a company, but... the console just might be sailing off into the sunset as Xbox potentially goes all digital beyond its game controllers and other peripherals... because they're still playable on PC.

I honestly don't mind this move, although it could mean the door is closing on the Xbox console. Microsoft actually has a solid opportunity to make the Xbox bigger than the actual console if they go the route of Luna, and Roku even harder. I say that because we're gaming on TVs, and if they can get Gamepass on more TV's... for the purpose of streaming, then what good is the console... if the internet connection is solid?

Pair an Xbox controller to the TV or over WiFi similar to what the Luna controller does, and it would simply be another streaming service without the cost of pumping out a new console. This would allow Xbox gamers to keep those achievements racking up, playing multiplayer games and the party (chat) would continue. I know the downside to that is no offline gameplay, but if this is the way Xbox is going... it's a way for us to benefit even more (got a smart TV... you have an Xbox... basically).

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If you're still ticked about this, remember... Microsoft does this though where they trip over their own shoelaces that were intentionally untied by them. Just like with the Windows Phones, what's the incentive of rocking with the phone if they were making the first-party apps accessible on other phones? Microsoft always wants to reach customers beyond their platforms. Xbox games on Playstation may not make everyone rejoice, but that would make it a 2-in-1 console. PC gamers have had the pleasure of enjoying multiple games from various platforms for decades, but this console war may ultimately end up being Nintendo vs PlayStation. The good thing though is that there are enough differences for both to be appreciated, but... at the same time, Sony can't get comfortable because with options out there to game simply by streaming from a TV app... the door to competition is still open.

Overall, is the Xbox console still worth the money? Possibly... but I'd say don't run out to buy one at full retail during this stage in the game unless they can assure console owners that they will maintain support for quite some time.

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