No... it's not Pokemon, it's Cassette Beasts... and it's available now!

This isn't Pokemon, it's... more like a (hmmm) wham bam thank ya for the inspiration that resulted in this mighty morphin turn-based JRPG with local multiplayer action. So... on those days you don't feel like going full otaku mode, invite a friend over, and... jump into this interesting world of Cassette Beasts!

Cassette Beasts have been compared to Pokemon since the initial announcement, and it's certainly not a bad thing, but... what's even better is that they took their own direction. They don't just have their own monsters for you to capture, you're recording/scanning the monster so that you have the data on it. From there... you're able to switch cassettes and transform into a new beast. The more blank cassettes you get your hands on, the more beasts you can... become.