RIP to the Metaverse I guess...

The Metaverse is out of here. Gone, finished, done, as in done-done, scrapped, canned. Looks like the "Year of Efficiency" isn't only going after 10,000 jobs and unfilled positions, but also the Metaverse from the looks of it. Was Metaverse the reason why these jobs went poof? It's possible, look at all the billions Mark dumped into it thinking it was going to turn into a game changer. Man, I could do a whole helluva lot with a billion dollars. I won't let me imagination run wild right now when we're talking about the Metaverse.

Will Marky Mark be speaking about it? Doubt it, just like The Street pointed out, he quietly went on to the next thing which is generative AI. Who does that? Let's see how the AI venture goes, but can he make anyone comfortable enough to invest the type of money they dumped into the Metaverse? I know people who would be at your house quicker than the best pizza delivery driver if you're late paying them back, and we're here talking about billions. I'd move and hire a lookalike. I can't even call this a sure bet with AI, regardless of his plans. Everyone has plans until they get hit with reality. 

I think AI will get hit with reality sooner or later when the information collected is more than what society expected with likeness and voice replication. - Yang

"Personally, I never utilized the Metaverse. I don't have the tolerance to wear a VR headset to even get the full appreciation out of something like that... which has always been my honest take on it (for myself). It's there for those who love such a thing, but even when we speak to people... VR doesn't come up unless they absolutely love it or they just purchased it. To be fair, Metaverse isn't exclusive to VR but the only time I'd use it is through VR. There are plenty of other options outside of VR and I don't have time for them all. I know someone who owns a VR headset and will use it faithfully, but... it's still something that only occurs when they're in the mood. This is when they have those pockets of wanting to play VR for a few weeks to about a month and a half... then the headset is back in the case when that fades." Blu 

I wonder how many people are in the same boat. We're going to check because we talk about games all the time, but VR honestly doesn't come up. That says a lot.

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