Bring in Happy Mother's Day with... Untraditional Gifts!

Mother's Day is a day that has been around for... as long as I can remember. It was created back in 1908 according to historical sources, which is why I wouldn't have remembered the first time it was kicked off, but I'm certainly glad it was. Love ya, mom!

Mother's Day is great because Mom's rock, and if you didn't know... my mom got me into console gaming (my mom and dad opened the door to arcade gaming via the tabletop Pac-Man).

So why not take an untraditional route this Mother's Day and show your mom just how much she means to you? Untraditional in a way that still shows love and appreciation for who she is, but also a different route in terms of gifts.

Here are the top 5 traditional Mother's Day gifts:

1. A bouquet of flowers

2. A card with a trip to the spa or salon for pampering

3. A new piece of jewelry

4. A basket full of her favorite things

5. A heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude

Here are my top 5 untraditional Mother's Day gifts:

1. Wine, Grapes, and Cheese

2. A Coffee or Tea Lover's Basket

3. Tech: A new phone, or even a laptop wouldn't be bad if she needed it, but I recommend the Echo Show. The device gives them the option to enjoy movies, games, and other apps but the main reason for the gift is for video chats. The device gives them the ability to keep an eye on the time, dates, their to-do lists, and more. I think it's easily the best gift that keeps on giving... especially for a busy mom.

4. A Mother's Day soiree: This doesn't have to be something you celebrate for just one mom alone, it can be one to celebrate the moms in your family or your circle of friends. Get swanky and celebrate!

5. A trip to the Movies: Take your mom out to the movies and enjoy a film that caught her eye. Treat her to some of her favorite snacks and have a great time!

Traditional or untraditional, enjoy quality time with your mom because it's priceless.

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