How To Buy A 4K TV With No Regrets!

Are you ready for a 4K UHD TV? 4K TV's like the Samsung AU800D feature a Crystal 4K processor that has a noticeable vibrant boost over the standard 4K display thanks to the full spectrum coverage of HDR. HDR broadens the contrast of the bright and dark range, but despite how powerful and vibrant 4K TV's like the LG OLED C2 are with a9 Gen5 AI Processors, you need the right content and connection speed to enjoy them without regrets.

Ultra HD Blu-ray is best for HDR, standard Blu-ray discs don't support HDR because they don't have the capacity. Ultra HD Blu-ray can hold 3D/object-based surround sound along with the video content.

Streaming HDR content is possible with connection speeds of at least 15Mbps. So based on what you desire to invest in your visual experience, it might help you ultimately decide if a UHD TV is right for you at this time. 4K UHD is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the standard 1920 x 1080 HDTV.

If you're a gamer, you're in good hands with an HDR TV. All are not created equal, but there are some really good options at lower price tags if you need to fall within a certain budget. The Hisense 65" A65H LED UHD TV is a good entry into 4K. Like the more pricy options, this television features Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. The PS5 and Xbox Series X support HDR10 & Dolby Vision, as well as UHD Blu-ray. TVs featuring Samsung Gaming Hub.

8K options like the Samsung Neo QLED are also available, but I believe 4K will be where it's at for some time when you consider a number of consumers are still at standard HDTV resolutions.

TV size is also another area to consider. Despite being a gigantic overkill for the average home, you do have a place for larger TV like the Samsung 85" AU800D on the market. Larger living room spaces normalize this Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV because it provides better viewing in the space than a 40" to 43" option, but there is a place for each size.

If you're sitting at a distance of 11.5' to 15' from the TV, it's best to go with an 80" to 85" option. It covers the space and the Samsung AU800D features a dynamic crystal color technology that maintains its look from comfortable viewing angles. Sitting almost to the side isn't going to deliver a true viewing experience, so seating should be placed where it makes sense.

* Don't find yourself placing your couches and chairs at the weirdest angles to watch TV. If someone can see the wiring in the back of the telly... your seating is way too close and way off to the side. If someone is leaning like Smokey & Craig (reacting to a black eye), just to see the action, switch it up! If someone has to stand in the back of the main couch or on the side... the couch placement's off there (chief). If the floor in front of the coffee table gets more love than the loveseat, yep... you guessed it, update the placement. When you get the seating right... you also have the ability to improve your speaker placement (if you add surround sound to the mix). Consider a Cuddler + two chairs to round it out a bit. I think it makes sense, but... add things in overtime for the sake of your budget. -  Blu 

So how do you upgrade to 4K without regrets? Avoid standard 4K, make it count with 4K UHD that comes with a great warranty. A great long-term warranty will ensure your investment is protected and makes it easier to take that step with peace of mind. Standard 4K is better than standard HD, but the long-term investment in 4K UHD will go a lot further.

Samsung 85" AU800D | 4-Year Warranty Included | Professionals should love the PC-to-TV feature.

LG 86" UQ8000 | 5-Year Warranty Included + $75 Streaming Credit
11.5' to 15' | Distance

Hisense 65" A65H | 4-Year Warranty Included
LG 65" UQ8000 | 2-Year Warranty Included + 75 Streaming Credit
8.8' to 9.4' | Distance

LG 48" OLED C2 | 5-Year Warranty Included
6.7' to 7.3' | Distance

Vizio 43" M-Series | 4-Year Warranty Included
5.7' to 6.6' | Distance

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