Playstation Showcase 2023

Before I jump in with my thoughts below, check out the Playstation Showcase!

If you don't have surround sound, pop on your headphones and enjoy. I'm using the 1More Sonoflow Headphones to enjoy the showcase.

Out of the gate, the game I'm most curious about is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Delta. Of course, I'm curious about how the game will look, but I also want to know what the gameplay will be like. They're going back through the catalog of MGS, but will they dare to ever move forward beyond Phantom Pain without at least trying to have Kojima on as an advisor?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2... was another head-turner as two web-slinging heroes swing into action (Peter Parker + Miles Morales) as they take on Kraven the Hunter on his quest of the great hunt. So not only will you have to deal with him, but you can't forget about the other baddies and the new Symbiote threat... which of course is influencing Peter. 

Nevertheless, with two Spideys on deck, you'll be switching between both... in order to enjoy some symbiotic combat and some web wing action in Earth-1048. Suit up... and expect some serious blockbuster action!

I can't forget about... Marathon. It's a game being served up by Bungie, the team behind Halo & Destiny... if you didn't know. This game is described as a sci-fi pvp extraction shooter that challenges you to compete for survival, reaches,  and fame. This is the PlayStation showcase, but... did I forget to mention that this game has full cross-play and cross-save with Xbox Series X/S & PC? Ut... guess I just did.

Alan Wake 2 is certainly a game that's been a long... long long long long looonnngggg time coming, and damn... it looks good. The original game was released back in 2010 and was probably a game some of you couldn't play because you weren't old enough. So I recommend checking it out before the sequel finally drops on October 17, 2023 (although Remedy Entertainment doesn't feel it matters either way... so maybe they will get everyone up to speed in this one). 

Anyway, Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game (duh of the day)... but this time around we get the opportunity to enjoy Alan Wake + a new protagonist for some dual story action. Can anyway say... RE vibes? You return back to Bright Falls... bringing you right back to the nightmare he was trapped in. The second protagonist will be an FBI agent by the name of Saga Anderson... who's investigating some nasty murders going down in Bright Falls. They're thrown for a loop because they come across Alan's writings that include them in the story as the main characters. Going back to the date of the release, I think it's super smart... to release a horror game in October. It just makes sense.

Now... before I say what I'm about to say, I just want to say that Final Fantasy 8 leads the pack as far as my favorite FF installment goes. That said, when I see beautiful trailers like Final Fantasy XVI (16), I think... here's another FF game from the makers of Final Fantasy 7. Will this latest installment be as... memorable? 

We will see, even though I wouldn't want to set it up like that when you consider the fact that we were on the dawn of amazing 3D games back then (which helped make FF7 what it was). That's why, even though the games of today are beautiful... I appreciate the fact that I was able to witness and experience the evolution. Those memories are priceless. It makes me want to go look through some containers of games right now. I think Final Fantasy X, FFX-2, FF12, and FF15 grabbed my attention for sure. As a matter of fact... I still have the FFX-2 double-disc OST, and two of the three figurines (I'm missing Paine). I have the steel book case for FF12 which is cool, but what I really want is the Play Arts Kai Fran Figurine.

Anyway, I hope that Final Fantasy XVI is a new memorable installment that's worthy of adding to my collection as the Square-Enix goes in a different direction. This time around we will get more of a clash of the titan's experience in our FF adventure... and I'm talking massive battles between giants.

Dragon's Dogma looks great, but I always get conflicted when it comes to this IP (even though I shouldn't). I compare it to Monster Hunter... which is different and a number of people actually did and opted to log time in Monster Hunter (and Phantasy Star Online 2) instead. 

This installment's announcement makes me want to give the real-time medieval fantasy a whirl (finally), even though I may have a copy of the first installment around here somewhere... that I should probably give some love to first. The sequel comes over a decade after the first action RPG... and it's being built on the RE Engine. The gameplay doesn't just look great, the story has my curiosity on at least a strong 7.

My passion for Street Fighter declined around Street Fighter 4's release. Outside of being busy, I loved Capcom's 2D art & animations... so I was a bit bummed, even though I own Street Fighter 4 on PC + 3DS and I believe Xbox 360. I still think that Nintendo should get new 2D games and a new Tatsunoko v Capcom 2, but... I won't hold my breath. 

I've been trying to find my way back to my passion for the franchise and... I've gotta say that Street Fighter 6 is knocking on that door because they've expanded what the experience is. You're still fighting, which I'm totally game for (it's a fighting game at its core)... but you're also able to create your own type of fighter + build skills as a better fighter who's on an adventure that goes beyond the end screens. This also gives me hope for spinoffs featuring characters from the game, like... Chun-Li. I honestly think I might step back in and get my fix via Street Fighter 6 which now also has the action RPG + Sanbox tags.

There were some things that I saw that some of you may find interesting, which are...
Assassins Creed Mirage. I have no problem with the franchise, I own a game or two... but realistically I wouldn't put the time into playing them. Assassins Creed Mirage looks great though. Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is certainly worth your while if you're a fan and you got your hands on a Playstation VR2. 

Although I've never played FNAF games, I look forward to... Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted 2 because of the let's play videos that fellow gamers make. So once they're uploaded, don't be surprised if I'm one of the people tuning in.

Fairgame$ seems like it might be an interesting IP, but for how long? In this heist game, you play as a group representing a modern-day... Robin Hood, but you aren't the only one. I know it's a competitive heist game... but the replay value will have to be strong to keep the party going. The team says that you will "Trespass inside forbidden locations around the world, fill your pockets like a kid in a candy store, and unravel the nefarious plans of untouchable billionaires". I'm curious if there will be ongoing new locations based on Haven's love of competitive multiplayer games... kind of like IO Interactive with Hitman. Only time will tell what the experience will be like, but there could be seasons served up when it comes to this IP.

By the way, I don't know about anyone else, but... Phantom Blade 0 gives me a craving for a new Vampire Hunter D game. Just looking at the beauty of this game... makes me wonder what that experience could be like. It doesn't have to be the exact experience from the Bloodlust film, but... I digress. 

Phantom Blade 0 is set to serve up a third-person action RPG experience from the role of a samurai named, Soul. Soul is an assassin for 'The Order'... taking on baddies in an unforgiving soul-like world with some impressive gameplay as he races against the clock... of life.

This reveal was followed up by another eye-catcher, which is... Soul of the Sea. I think another thing this game has going for it... is what we saw right off the bat. There are fans of skating games who might even give this one a whirl because you're riding on a blade-like board in a way that resembles a skateboard. 

I think that alone is a great pull. I know it's said to have a surfing mechanic, but... no... the mechanics remind me more so of skateboarding. I don't recall a surfer hitting a ramp, and I'm saying you won't be riding waves in this game, but... it doesn't showcase a surfing mechanic. Either way, I think it's a cool alternative to skating games... if you want a bit more adventure. In the actual adventure, you play as Wraith, a being resurrected for the purpose of returning life to the world. If this visually appealing puzzle game truly flows well with a solid story, it should be a win.

Neva looked great... this will probably be one of those games that I wishlist to get my fix of beautiful artist games. I know that the maker of Gris can deliver, so I'm curious what this game will serve up in terms of experience. It's another 2D puzzle platformer featuring a young woman and a wolf taking on the baddies in a dying world... that was actually inspired by climate change, CV19, and social unrest.

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean... is one of those games I look forward to playing with my Daughter. We played the crap out of Cat Quest 2, and the hack'n'slash RPG adventure was quite awesome. This was the first game of this type she's ever experienced, and she was able to catch on quite easily, looking forward to upgrading armor, weapons, and skills. 

Don't underestimate all the adorable kawaii-like visuals either, if you don't have the power level and the ability to utilize the weapons you're equipped with... you will go down. It doesn't matter if it's a minion or a boss, so consider giving this a whirl, even if it's one of those games that you get to enjoy with your child in local co-op action... it's worth it (#Memories). This 2.5D open-world game allows you to sail off in your own ship in search of adventure and... treasures.

I'm simply speaking on Foamstars because... it feels like a game Square-Enix brought to life in order to deliver an alternative to Splatoon. No problem with it, but... let's see if the effort pays off. I think the resources would be better spent on a Parasite Eve remake that gamers keep on asking for.

Devolver Digital has been kicking ass. I have to say that. The Plucky Squire is even more proof of that. It's being called the most "Nintendo looking game" at the PlayStation showcase, according to Metro's Game Central, but... I have to push back. 

It does give that vibe in part... based on the 2D within 3D gameplay seen in Super Mario Odyssey, but I can't give Nintendo credit for this.

Granblue Fantasy Relink also looks promising, but this may be one of those wishlist games I come back to down the road or something. I still have a Granblue Fantasy game with 0 time logged. I need the time to play catch up, literally, but... for those of you ready to dive into this action RPG, you will be able to discover the "Web of intrigue reaching far beyond the borders of Zegagrande" - Cygames 

Determine the fate of the sky realm when Granblue Fantasy Relink drops in Winter 2023.

Arizona Sunshine 2 was also announced, which... should be a pleasant surprise for VR fans who want to get crazy in this action-adventure zombie apocalypse game starring Fred and his new dog... buddy. 

PSVR2 got back-to-back love in the showcase with the announcement of Crossfire Sierra Squad which serves of tactical military-style combat. Not sure what came crashing through the wall with glowing eyes at the end of the trailer, but... VR fans can figure it out when the time comes. Arizona Sunshine 2 has a 2023 release date, not sure of Crossfire Sierra Squad.

The Playstation Showcase followed up with yet another shooter titled Synapse, dishing out a clean futuristic look that almost gives off this Portal-like vibe. In this game, you play as a highly trained agent transported into a neuro-synaptic relay... which is the route into the antagonist's mind in order to prevent him from bringing about armageddon. 

As seen, the world is black and white with special effects presented in color. Synapse is set to release on July 4, 2023! 

A game that's probably a 9 on the interest scale for me is... Concord. The trailer places you in a spaceship venturing out and... that's it, doesn't give you an idea of what to expect at all, but it's actually a PvP multiplayer FPS game. Concord will allegedly deliver a unique universe of vibrant worlds, and various characters (I assume are from these different worlds). 

The reason why it's a 9 for me is because I want to know what space travel has to do with the PvP multiplayer action. Firewalk says, "The Firewalk team is driven by the type of exciting, unexpected moments and shared experiences that multiplayer games create". They also mentioned that they want players to experience a new adventure every time they log on, with every match leading to a potentially new story. There are a number of games headed our way, but this will remain on my radar for 2024. By the way, Firewalk is a new PlayStation studio.

If you actually watched the PlayStation Showcase all the way through, I'm pretty sure you saw the new handheld device that allows you to stream your PS5 games. Frankly, I don't know how I feel about it. It would be a plus to game around the house, but... how much will Project Q cost? 

I can picture some people nabbing it, but at the same time... if it comes in at a crazy price point that could go towards a new Samsung Gaming Hub TV, Steam Deck, or Nintendo Switch... then why not benefit from more than one console experience?

So that was the PlayStation Showcase 2023. Which was pretty good in my opinion, I didn't have expectations going in. There were titles that caught my eye, while others... not so much. Regardless of those I like or not... if there's something in there for you, support and game on!