FTS: Jackalyptic Games Announces Rebrand

Chinese publisher NetEase Games rebrands Jackalope Games ahead of a new project. The rebranded Jackalyptic Games, led by industry veteran Jack Emmert, has announced their latest project - a game based on the Warhammer IP. The world of Warhammer is known and loved in the tabletop world as well as the videogame industry, I may have even owned a Warhammer McFarlane toy at one time in my life before my cousin broke it. No hard feelings, I guess. 

The team is immensely excited to be working on such a huge project in close partnership with Games Workshop. Throughout the development process, they will be working closely with the Warhammer community to gain feedback and insights.

With Emmert at the helm, the team is in good hands. He brings decades of MMORPG-related experience to the table, having previously led development on multiple high-profile game franchises.

We can't wait to see what this team comes up with!

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