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So Close:



Breathedge will keep you on your toes as you attempt to survive in the vast emptiness of outer space. Plunged into an unknown situation, you must discover the truth behind your sudden spaceship crash, all while relying on your... weird immortal chicken companion.

CRAFT tools, pilot vehicles, and control space stations to ensure your survival and enable you to explore the wreckage.I don't know about anyone else, but... I'd fear going into outer space because if something goes horribly wrong then it might be all over. (Momma no!)

Poker Club isn't as breathtaking unless you're referring to the Ultra HD 4K visuals and ray tracing, but you might end up on the edge of your seat if you pull off a win in a 200-player tournament!

In Poker Club... you live the life of a poker pro in an immersive poker simulation. Join a community of online players on their way to the top and track your progress in more than 10 Texas Hold’em tournament modes. Whether you’re a seasoned poker pro or brand new to the table, perfect your play style for the chance to win big.

I'll have to do some research on how to play poker like the pros because... I couldn't tell you anything about playing poker except how to lose your chips if you listen to me. Hehehe

Grab Breathedge + Poker Club... for free while the getting is good. The freeness evaporates on May 4, 2023 at... 11AM, so the quicker you are the better or pay the price... to own them. Game on!