Pinball FX Table Showcase - Crypt of the NecroDancer


Looking for a new challenge? Check out the Pinball FX table showcase, featuring the Crypt of the NecroDancer Pinball table! This table captures the wacky atmosphere and killer soundtrack of the acclaimed rogue-like and challenges your skills with its unique pinball and rhythm fusion gameplay. Stop the NecroDancer once more as you use your flippers to battle bosses and acquire the Golden Lute.

– Zone in on the zones and boss around the bosses to advance and collect points

– Battle Coral Riff, King Conga and more legendary bosses to earn diamonds

– Follow the flow of music with your combos and boost your multiplier

– Freddie has what you need! Spend your diamonds for weapons and hearts

– Face the NecroDancer in a multiball Wizard Mode for the Golden Lute

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