Top Audiences Last Week + Free Games!

We've met a bunch of parents, professionals, and other adults around Orlando this year. People travel here from around the world, so we meet new people all the time. It's been awesome, and despite their busy schedules, everyone still has the desire to fun it up. There are a number of adults that seem like they're ashamed to have fun though, but the desire... oh the desire... they can't hide it. Gwahahaha

So after talking with them, we've found that a number of adults were gamers (mainly ex-gamers) and are still interested in getting back to it in some form. Blu spoke about this a while back because we were talking to various people before the lockdown. You have nothing to prove to anyone, make time to fun it up... don't be ashamed of that. Whether it's a game on your PC, console, or mobile... enjoy.

Pinball FX and Rocket League are both free-to-play PC games that don't require a lot of playtime. Rocket League is easier with a controller for most beginners, but Pinball FX will be the easiest to play. We all need a keyboard and mouse to use with our computers, so you're all set with Pinball FX, but you can also play it with a controller. If you make more time for gaming as a family, check out the Family Fun Gaming posts. If you make more time for gaming in general, check out the various game options available. If your goal is to do some gaming on your PC, just make sure your PC is compatible.

Anyway, it's time for the top 10... let's go!

Clip from Mushoku Tensei

So Close:

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