Pinball FX Table Showcase - My Little Pony Pinball

Hasbro My Little Pony Pinball: Sunshine, rainbows, and all that sugar + spice + everything nice that a pinball table can offer. Visit Twilight Sparkle and her friends for the biggest Equestrian party... ever!

  • Help Twilight Sparkle complete her To-do list and begin the celebrations!
  • Gather apples to help Applejack during Applebuck Season, and collect gems for Rarity to help her with the Party Preparations.
  • Assist Fluttershy in caring for her Animals, and help Pinkie Pie cook up some delicious Cupcakes.
  • Score a goal with Rainbow Dash during a game of Buckball.
  • Lock balls into the Tree of Harmony for a spectacular 6-ball multiball!
  • Original music from the show, including everypony's favorite 'Cupcake Song'.

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