Watch & Nab: Get the... Pinball FX - Indiana Jones Pinball Table, free!

Pinball FX

We're dropping a Watch & Nab on Youtube on March 6, 2023 @ 6AM for the love of pinball, and... if you're the first one to grab it, enjoy!

Discover brand new exclusive tables created for Pinball FX, or find your favorites among more than 80 unique and visually enhanced favorites from Zen's extensive digital pinball library. Relive the most iconic moments from entertainment powerhouses like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel, Universal Studios, and many more. Enjoy accurate re-creations of the most famous pinball machines of all time with Williams Pinball, or have fun with Zen’s original creations.

New tables arrive frequently!

Build your dream game room

Build up your own customizable 3D playroom with collectible items unlocked by playing.

The ultimate simulation

Enjoy digital pinball at its finest as Pinball FX brings you the most advanced simulation in pinball with Pro Physics for every table in the library, 4K HDR visuals, and ray tracing.

Watch & Nab... Indiana Jones™️: The Pinball Adventure

Relive iconic scenes from the movies in Indiana Jones™️: The Pinball Adventure, the 1993 Williams classic. Normally you would have to pay $14.99 for this particular table, but... thanks to the team over at Zen Studios I was able to grab a code to hook one of you up.

  • Indiana Jones™️: The Pinball Adventure combines a fan-favorite Williams machine with everyone’s favorite adventurer – enjoy the original music, sounds, rules, and look of the machine brought to the digital space for the first time.
  • Relive the most iconic movie scenes like the escape from Castle Brunwald, the Rope Bridge standoff, and finding Marion on the Streets of Cairo.
  • Experience the table just as you remember it, with true-to-life Pro Physics simulation, only found in Zen’s Pinball tables.
  • Enjoy the table in a new way with extra 3D effects in the ‘Enhanced’ version that includes side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and a whip-wielding Indiana Jones.
  • Play at home, with friends, or compete online with Single Player, Local Multi-Player, Challenge, and Tournament Modes.

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