FTS: 3D Realms Levels Up with Justin Burnham as CCO


3D Realms Levels Up with Justin Burnham as Chief Creative Officer

The studio’s new portfolio promises to bring Action, Attitude and Adrenaline to players everywhere

AALBORG, Denmark -- March 16, 2023 -- Legendary developer and publisher 3D Realms, known for bringing gamers blockbuster franchises like Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and Prey, is happy to announce that Justin Burnham has joined the company as Chief Creative Officer. With over 16 years of experience in the video game industry, Burnham's vast knowledge and expertise, coupled with a well-defined vision, will solidify 3D Realms as a leader in heart-pumping action games.

Over the years, Burnham has helped transform Devolver Digital and Good Shepherd Entertainment into the gold standard for indie and AA games, evolved ESL DreamHack into a global gaming lifestyle brand, created digital worlds and innovative physical experiences at Subnation, and assisted companies like Game Jolt, The MIX and Skystone Games in strategic development.

Burnham started his career at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in 2007, elevating D.I.C.E Summit into the renowned showcase event it has become. He then went on to bring gaming to South by Southwest (SXSW), where it quickly became one of the fastest-growing aspects of the festival. Burnham’s expansive career now promises to evolve 3D Realms.

"We are thrilled to have Justin join our team. I’ve known Justin for years, and 3D Realms was a perfect match," said Frederik Schreiber, CEO of 3D Realms. "Justin and I have great chemistry, and share a greater vision for the company. His extensive expertise in the video game industry will be invaluable to 3D Realms as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio."

As Chief Creative Officer with 3D Realms, Burnham will oversee key growth areas such as brand direction, portfolio strategy, production execution, release roadmaps, event activations and other integral marketing campaigns. He will also play a pivotal role with Slipgate Ironworks, 3D Realms’ internal development sister company.

On his new role, Burnham said, “3D Realms holds a special place in my heart, having grown up playing their games and inspiring me to want to be part of this industry. We’re excited to redefine what our brand of AAA gaming means: Action, Attitude, and Adrenaline.”

Burnham is the harbinger of an exciting new portfolio for 3D Realms, with multiple games spanning various genres coming out in the near future. From tearing alien parasites out of monstrous creatures with your trusty pet gun in the co-op body horror game RIPOUT to fighting for survival in a world devastated by nuclear war in the classic RTS Tempest Rising, 3D Realms’ evolution as a publisher and developer has only just begun.

Other games in their upcoming portfolio include Combustion, a diesel-punk action RPG inspired by the PSX-era, and Phantom Fury, an adrenaline-fueled journey around the USA with the infamous Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, known from the 3D Realms smash hit Ion Fury. With Burnham at the helm of their creative endeavors, Realms Deep 2023 promises to usher in a new age for 3D Realms.

“It’s awesome to have Justin here, as his wealth of experience and innovative ideas promise to invigorate and strengthen the legacy of 3D Realms,” said Tim Willits, CCO of Saber Interactive and Director at 3D Realms. “With unwavering confidence in his abilities, we are excited for what the future holds and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with him.”