Pinball FX Table Showcase - How To Train Your Dragon

DreamWorks Dragons Pinball: The dragon training arena awaits! Relive your favorite moments from the first movie, taming and riding the Night Fury as the young Viking Hiccup. Feed fish to your dragon Toothless, and play with him. Or unless great balls of fire!

The cool thing about these tables is that they all have their own setups, variations, looks, and objectives. As time went on, you see that I began to improve, and it's based on me getting adjusted to the layout of the ramps and other placements. There was commentary intended for this video, but... (what had happened was) the mic was... off. Nevertheless, stay tuned for more tables in the showcase, because the team over at Zen Studios hooked us up with a Pinball Pass. The Pinball Pass gives you the option of playing each table (they're unlocked), or you can buy individual tables or a collection via the Pinball Coins.

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