Rick And Morty: Season 6... Reviewed!

Shout out to WB for supplying a copy of Rick And Morty Season 6, our opinions are our own.

Rick and Morty are back with more intergalactic shenanigans for our enjoyment, but are they enough to keep you watching from episodes 1 to 10 and back again? Let's find out. #FortuneCookiePower

Story: As you know, Rick And Morty can be all over the place from timeline to timeline with twists and turns inside of twists and turns that include a cherry stem tied by an alien with two tongues, but you get a little progression right off the bat in episode one (I'll come back to this).

Episode One - Solaricks... starts out a little grim, but don't worry, give it a few minutes before they kinda sorta bring things back to normal with comedy tucked in between. The normalcy lasts for about a minute... before Rick does a bad bad thing and resets time travel-ERS. Episode one is a nice (partially) action-packed episode that shows Rick, Morty, and Jerry going back to their individual realities.

Progression is showcased as far as Rick himself is concerned in this episode, but... I'll let you tune in to see what I mean. Morty goes back and... basically finds out what truly happened to his original family, along with Jerry going back home. Jerry went back to season two... which was probably one of my favorite scenes because he was able to get some... justice (bird man!). I would've loved to see that actually play out as a full episode, but it was cool for what it was.

Episode Two - Rick: A Mort Well Lived... didn't disappoint either. Morty became all the characters in a SIM game for some weird reason, and Rick had to collectively save him. So that was going on in-game, while outside of the game, Summer had to strap up and step into the shoes of John McClane... in order to take down some Die Hard-obsessed alien and his goons. The in-game action was okay, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I couldn't wait until it cut back to Summer. Great episode.

Episode Three - Bethic Twinstinct... was... interesting. Beth and space Beth become attracted to each other and... yeah, interesting.

Episode Four -  Night Family... is highly entertaining. The crew creates a... night family that takes over their bodies when they're asleep in order to do the things they don't care to do when they're awake. Does it go left? Of course, this is Rick And Morty... but it's action-packed and super creative the way things played out. Two thumbs up, just remember to rinse your dishes!

Episode Five
- Final DeSmithation... was a pretty cool episode too. Jerry ends up in this... interesting situation with his mom, which leads him on a journey that features fortune cookie powers! This episode was pretty cool as well and would make for an interesting movie if ever a concept were utilized for a feature film. Not the situation with his mom, but... the part with the fortune cookies. Rick was in the zone in this one, and almost reminded me of a Men In Black agent.

Episode Six - JuRicksic Mort... wasn't bad, it had comedic value but... it was more so just okay for me (outside of the... Oscars). I did want to kick Rick's butt in this episode... because there was the opportunity for a serious upgrade in tech, but Rick being Rick was against it. The portal gun gets repaired in this one.

Episode Seven - Full Meta Jackrick... is about Rick And Morty VS Meta characters, and you will enjoy the intro to this one. Very creative, along with the episode in general. You get an interesting episode that revolves around the creative process when it comes to storytelling. Thumbs up!

Episode Eight - Analyze Piss... was pretty cool and definitely creative. It plays on viral videos and trolls seeking to take on Rick, but then... something else happens. I would've liked this even more if a certain character in this episode were able to enjoy what ultimately occurred thanks to... Rick, but it was a good episode.

Episode Nine - A Rick in King Mortur's Mort... was pretty cool and action-packed too, but... I started to get the feeling that a theme was being formed. Costumed characters and beings with power seemed to be the theme for five episodes. I don't mind, but... I don't know, maybe they could have mixed these up a bit more. I would've liked to see Jerry take advantage of what he knows now... back in season two, but this episode was good (just noticed a theme).

Episode Ten - Rictional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation... features a lightsaber and Star Wars in general. Of course, you will get lightsaber fights, but... mainly the episode is based around something that happened with the lightsaber. Episodes nine and ten are connected and gear you up for the next season, and let's just say Rick is super excited. Episode ten could've delivered a little more oomph in my opinion, but it was well-rounded, to say the least.

Overall, season six maintained its comedic value, and while I was able to binge-watch with ease, there were some missed opportunities in there that I would love to see at some point. Jerry was able to shine in episode eight, but... you know what I wanted. I just think Jerry has potential that can be tapped into using the previous episode, and it's not like they haven't played with the timeline at all.

Visuals: There are plenty of eye-catching and creative visuals to enjoy this season too. Rick And Morty's team generally serves up a variety of characters and locations, so there is nothing that you wouldn't expect... because crazy tends to be the theme. There's no change in art style, but... that's a good thing. There are some creative solutions in there that actually use 3D assets too, but you might have to take a look at the extras to identify some of them because they're used in a creative way that helped the team pull off certain scenes that didn't result in a 3D model standing out like a sore thumb.

Audio: Audio was clean and had plenty of depth, and... episode 8 is a good example. There are plenty of examples, but that one comes to mind when Jerry suits up for some actions. Audio comes at you in DTS-HD MA & Dolby Digital 5.1. I actually watched Rick And Morty: Season 6... using the 1More Aero 3D earbuds with DTS TruSurround enabled. I enjoyed it with the Aero more so than the standard telly speakers, but I'm sure I would've also enjoyed it using surround-sound speakers.

Price + Extras: Rick And Morty: Season 6... comes in at $39.99 for the Steelbook Blu-ray, $29.98 for the standard Blu-ray, and... $24.98 for the DVD. Of course, we have the hook-up for you, so just click here to save.

Now onto the extras (outside of the 10 episodes, you also get):

- 10 Inside the Episode installments (to cover each episode)

- Rick and Morty: Inside Season 6... which explains what occurred with season 6, and it answers some questions that I had. You won't get this info just by watching the show, so you have this. Good stuff.

- Anatomy of a Scene

  • Bethic Twinstinct
  • Night Family
  • Analyze Piss

Story 4

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price + Extras 4

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

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