Hit the Road Down America’s Highways in Heading Out + the First 30!


Grab the wheel for a thrilling, narrative-fueled driving adventure inspired by cult-classic American road films, here today with a 10% launch discount

Buckle Up for an Adrenaline-Fueled Road Trip in Heading Out, Out Now on PC

Embrace Your Inner Rebel and Hit the Open Road in This Stylish Narrative Driving Adventure

Get behind the wheel and prepare for the ride of your life in Heading Out, the hotly anticipated narrative driving game that just released on PC today! Developed by indie studio Serious Sim and published by Saber Interactive, this thrilling road trip experience takes inspiration from iconic American road movies to deliver an unforgettable cross-country adventure filled with high-stakes racing, meaningful choices, and stories that will stoke your spirit of rebellion.

With its unique blend of high-octane driving and compelling storytelling, Heading Out invites players to ditch the mundane and pursue an odyssey of self-discovery on the open roads of America. Whether you're yearning to outrun your fears, escape the long arm of the law, or simply chase your dreams to the horizon, this game is your ticket to an exhilarating joyride across the urban sprawls, desert highways, and forgotten backroads that make up the vast American landscape.

"Heading Out is all about capturing the visceral thrill and emotional weight of the great American road trip," says Sam Raimi, founder of Serious Sim. "We wanted to bottle that feeling of liberation you get when you put the pedal to the metal and let the world blur by, all while taking players on a high-stakes personal journey that will really resonate."

At its core, Heading Out is a freeform narrative adventure with roguelite elements that empower you to carve your own unique path across the United States. As you roar down the asphalt, you'll encounter a diverse cast of eccentric personalities that could become allies or antagonists depending on the choices you make. Will you lend a sympathetic ear to the lost soul hitchhiking on the side of the road, or zip past without a second thought? The impactful decisions are all up to you.

And with every pit stop on your transcontinental trek, radio stations and random citizens will spread tales of your growing legend, immortalizing your badass antics in the cultural zeitgeist. An eclectic Americana soundtrack provides the perfect mood music for your adrenaline-charged escapades too.

One of Heading Out's most compelling features is its innovative blend of real-time driving with meta-game strategic planning. Before hitting the road, you'll map out your intended route and resource management on an overhead map, carefully budgeting fuel, money, and vehicle repairs to increase your odds of making it to the final destination in one piece. Or you can take a more impulsive approach and just put the pedal to the metal, dealing with challenges as they arise in a daring, spur-of-the-moment road rally!

These races might seem like something you can simply do everytime your echallenged... but there are multiple factors you have to consider. Fear, sleep, car condition, and if the money is truly worth it based on the position you're in. If you lack sleep, it leaks over into your racing and your overall driving experience... so getting zzz's is a must. Blu 

No two journeys are ever the same in Heading Out. Procedural systems generate new narrative vignettes, races, vehicular challenges, environmental hazards, and more on each soul-searching run, ensuring a fresh and unpredictable ride every time you start up the ignition. And with the game's stylish graphic novel art style bringing the action-packed escapades to life, it's like playing through an interactive comic book brought to life.

So whether you're craving some cathartic nitrous-fueled street racing, an emotionally compelling narrative adventure, or just an opportunity to flip a middle finger to society's restrictions, Heading Out will satisfy all those cravings and more. The keys are in your hands, and the open road is calling!

Heading Out is available now on PC via Steam for $17.99 USD / €17.99 EUR / £14.84 GBP with a 10% launch discount until May 14, 2024. For the ultimate road trip experience, the Heading Out - Soundtrack Edition ($22.49 USD / €22.49 EUR / £18.44 GBP after discount) includes the game and its awesome original Americana soundtrack. Gun that engine and hit the streets in this one-of-a-kind driving opus!

 + Blu 

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Best Nintendo Switch Games For Family Fun: TMNT Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants

We're back with more family fun gaming for those like the individual I met during a get together at the beginning of May 2024. Not going into detail, but he was a gamer... and hung up the controller to increase his focus in areas that needed more of his attention (i.e. his family). While commendable, I did see a potential opening in terms of getting his family in on one of his favorite pass times... instead of it being shelved. If it's something you enjoy, and could potentially be something the family wouldn't mind indulging in as well for the sake of more fun times and memories, then... why not? 

Gaming as a family is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. One platform that makes this a bit easier (in my opinion) is the... Nintendo Switch! As mentioned before... gaming can be a great way to teach kids about teamwork, problem-solving, and competition in a healthy and fun way.

In addition to games relieving stress and delivering fun, there are some titles that provide additional benefits that most movies & TV shows don't deliver.

In the case of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants, your children learn about teamwork, and healthy competition. These skills are a great thing to instill at an early age so that they know the importance of working with others and not feeling as if they have to do everything alone. Serve up some delicious pizza and other goodies and enjoy your family game night on all platforms.

The last time I recall playing this game, was actually in the arcade when I took my daughter for a day of fun. This is the expanded version.

This 4-player arcade game takes you on a multiplayer adventure with our favorite turtles in a half shell... and it delivers a decent dose of lightweight action that's safe for kids to enjoy. You fight your way through 6 stages as you work together to take on 13 bosses. This version delivers 3 new stages + 6 new bosses, but... you aren't going in with your weapons and ninja skills alone.

This game also equips you with powerups, specifically one that will send you spinning to send enemies for a loop, and their individual specificials. In addition, you also have the support from other characters that assist you from time to time in order to clear the way. The action is enough to enjoy some family time on a Friday while the pizza being delivered to your place or afterwards. It's a quick jump in a go type of game that's a nice addition to your family game night library. The game can be played with 1 to 4 players on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC, so no matter where you game... fun it up and create some awesome memories... together!

Key Features

  • Double the Mayhem: Fight your way through six stages and 13 boss battles, including three all-new stages and six new boss battles not present in the original arcade release.
  • Play as the Four Turtles: Join Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey, voiced by the talents of the 2012 TMNT series (Seth Green, Sean Astin, Rob Paulsen, Greg Cipes), against the evil Foot Clan!
  • Unleash Turtle Power: Use special super attacks unique to each Turtle to devastate waves of enemies and find tokens to summon mutant backup to help clear your foes.
  • Team Up in Local Co-op: Play with your friends in four-player local couch co-op.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants is out now on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam for $29.99.

This game is rated E10+ for Everyone!

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Dear Developers: Don't Update Games With Annoying New Requirements

This crap that Sony just pulled with Helldivers 2, goes back to what I've said awhile back. I know some of you aren't even aware of what occured, and you're (probably) looking like Kendrick Lamar at the moment.

There was a particular 'Dear Developers' installment in 2017 talking about the problem with using game platforms for other game platforms. Remember that? Sony isn't the only one requiring logins through alternate platforms, I have to say that. There have been multiple publishers with this requirement like EA, Ubisoft, S-Game, and others.

The customers didn't buy the game after that was already a requirement though, so how fair is that to spring such an update on them?

There are a number of gamers including myself who don't wish to go that extra step in terms of opening a game, because some will ultimately try to avoid the games that take away your ability to simply go in and get your game on. If you make the decision to release a game on an alternate platform, it doesn't rob you of money if you allow gamers to... simply have the game on that platform without additional requirements that require usage of an alternate platform or sign-in. Right or wrong?

Whoever thought this would be a great idea for Sony to do, made a horrible decision (in my opinion). Horrible. It might not seem like a big deal, but think of what this means in terms of business and gaining access to PC gamers. Sure, they could reverse it, but that doesn't take away the fact that it happened, and... that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of select gamers and a stain on Sony. A stain that could make select gamers... paranoid. If they wanted a Playstation, they'd make that move.

Example: I literally will see EA games that I wouldn't mind playing, games that I actually own, but... I don't want to go through one platform to access others. And what if there are updates on Steam, and then you go in to the other platform and have to wait for an update there regarding the game and the platform itself? A number of gamers are already logging via limited free time, so it's imperative that publishers don't get in the way of their own success. Helldivers 2 is one of this years best selling games, so it's like... Sony, why!? According to Sadat over at GameRant, Steam is refunding Helldivers 2 players regardless of playtime, and that says something. I'm glad they were able to get a refund for this unexpected move, but the purchase was for good times that gamers were having. That said, i'm sure many were still like:

The developer can't be blamed for this, but they will get affected by something the publisher pulled. The desire to control, just might be a potential element, but... a number of PC gamers are on PC to get away from that very thing. Think about it, and... game on!