Potential Developers: How long are you going to wait to start?

There are individuals out there like yourself with aspirations of becoming a game developer, taking dreams and making them a reality, but... procrastination is dominating the clock. I'm going to keep it real with you, how in the hell are you going to make a dream come true if you don't start doing the work to make it a reality?

Every morning, ask yourself... "What am I waiting for?". It's an honest question, especially if you have spare time. Spare time is grind time. Spare time gives you the grind time to make your dreams of game development a full-time reality.

I know that some of you might be curious with a side of doubt right now... but don't worry, I'll explain.

I could say it's simple, but I won't say it's extremely difficult. It all boils down to the route you choose to take. There's no-code software out there that gives you the ability to create games utilizing the capabilities of a game engine, and some engines allow you to create original artwork within the software. You'd be surprised of the various things you can do with certain game engines by way of your creativity and effort. You aren't stuck with the same game engine either, but take advantage of any engine you become familiar with because it's another pathway to creating games. Not saying you need all game engines, but if you find one that works great for you, don't utilize it for just one game and then move on. Game engines are a tool, and if you have various ideas that you're able to bring to life with that engine... do your thing.

If it's a simple engine to get the ball rolling, nothing wrong with that. If you're thinking, "I wouldn't even know how to get started with a game engine", no worries... there are so many affordable courses out there for game engines. So... learn it up!

As you continue to grow and gain the ability to do more, you'd be taking another step from spare time to full-time. When you get to the point where you're hiring team members to cover various positions, you're on your way... and I wish you the best. The links you see in this article can help you get started... even if you grab some with a plan to get started at a certain time (when you make better sense of your schedule).

I have to say this in terms of your schedule, be honest. If you find yourself binge-watching TV shows, ask yourself how much of that time is taking away from your dreams or contributing to them? Consider giving yourself at least an hour of learning 4 to 5 days per week. I wouldn't say just go all in if this is your spare time and it's limited, even if it's more on the unlimited side... you need a schedule for structure. 

If you have to work, and you have an hour to spare... it's worth it. If you like to watch TV and Film, use it to your advantage. While watching your favorite shows and films, look at how stories are laid out, look at angles, pace, music... and all that good stuff. You can help your endeavors via one of your favorite pastimes. So with all this said, take a look at the links you see here... see what you think (because research is of great importance) and... go ask yourself, "What am I waiting for?".

When you ask yourself this question, please do not think about your race, age, sex, or anything else that has nothing to do with development becoming a possibility. It simply requires your effort to make it happen, don't let nonsensical excuses get in your way. You can use your race, age, sex, and overall experience to develop different stories, but roadblocks... heck no. Hop on your PC and get started. 

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