FTS: Teardown's "Art Vandals" Expansion Launches Today (PC)


Teardown’s “Art Vandals” Update Introduces New Story-Driven Expansion Today on PC

The smash-hit sandbox heist game continues to grow with five new heists and a new location, free for all players

MALMÖ, Sweden – Dec. 15, 2022 – Tuxedo Labs has released the new “Art Vandals” campaign expansion for Teardown, the voxel-based sandbox heist game on SteamThis major content update launches today with five new heist missions and a new location, free for all Teardown players.

In “Art Vandals,” players take on the role of Freya Woo – the daughter of Gordon Woo, who features in the original Teardown campaign. You’ll visit the picturesque fishing town of Tilläggaryd and its modern art museum with new missions focused on getting revenge against artist Kerstin Stråbäck. Steal her awards, escape with her art and destroy what you need to, all while using powerful new tools like the Paperboy Gun and Jackhammer.

“Art Vandals” is available through the all-new Expansions section in the Play menu, as well as through the in-game mod menu to help introduce players to Teardown’s powerful modding systems. Anyone can begin “Art Vandals” without playing the original story, but this challenging campaign is best undertaken by Teardown veterans with a bit of heisting experience under their belts.

Plan the perfect heists with realistic physics in the fully destructible, voxel-simulated world of Teardown! Use a range of tools to manipulate environments to your advantage in the most creative ways you can imagine: bring down walls with vehicles, create shortcuts with explosives, stack objects to reach higher places, and much more. Run, jump, drive and slingshot in a full story campaign featuring 40 missions, test your skills in experimental challenges, create your own no-pressure experiences with unlimited resources in Sandbox mode, and discover unique designs from the community with Steam Workshop mod support. Just don’t get caught!

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