Steam Replay 2022 Stats for SDGT Entertainment!


I thought this would be a cool share for PC gamers. If you play video games on Steam, you have one of the same data breakdowns. How did you fair?

It's not surprising that the streak couldn't be higher, since other tasks have to be done. Maybe this will increase in 2023, but it's a trade-off because other products require attention.

Studios aren't reaching out for the sake of older video games being reviewed, so no surprise here.

Catching up on video games that were added to favorites is the reason for the 45% in this category.

0% for Classic Games category is understandable, but maybe one day. I must say that 50% keyboard + mouse and 50% controller usage is amazing, but also the data is awesome proof of the variety that we try to present. The variety is to give you an idea of what you can expect from games of different genres that you'd like to invest in for yourself or a gamer in your life.

We are days away from 2023, and we hope that you look forward to the new content that's in store.

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