First 30: Chained Echoes


If you're looking for an immersive and engaging RPG experience, definitely consider Chained Echoes. This 16-bit game is packed with a compelling storyline, challenging quests, and lovable characters like Glenn. Step into the world of Valandis as you embark on an adventure to bring an end to the war between its three kingdoms. With Chained Echoes, you'll be swept away into an impressive turn-based RPG that feels like a blast from the past.

While I can't recommend this one for children due to the language, adults should definitely consider this one if you want a lengthy adventure, Especially if you're a fan of top-side RPGs like Lunar. You fight on foot, in your Mech (as seen in the gameplay above), and you can also customize your airship, and get your loot on.

For busy parents and professionals, you can pick up and play this game here, and there, and have something to look forward to between your objectives. It's not a game where you're stuck and unable to progress in a certain area due to unseen enemies either (no offense to fans of beloved Final Fantasy games). As seen, you don't just have those random fights where you're roaming... and all of a sudden a battle begins. You see the enemies ahead of your encounter.

Overall, you're looking at 30+ hours of playtime with the ability to learn Action Skills, Passive Skills, Stats Boosters, etc. Chained Echoes is a great addition to any adult RPG fan's library. Rated M17+

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