2022 Wishmas Guide... for the Office Space!


Seasons Greetings Office Workers! While we could simply make a list of items for you to consider for yourself... you gotta show the ole office space some love (we'll get back to you later)! At times our office spaces can be as bland as some meals (I'm not pointing fingers), but... that doesn't have to be the case. Consider items that dial up the coolness + functionality of your office space as seen below.

I'd probably have to give coolness + functionality to the 3-in-1 chargers. Certainly, some are better than others, but consider which is better for you and is actually compatible with your device. If you prefer a charger that can charge Apple & Android, you don't have to swap it out when you change phones. The 3-in-1 chargers like this one... allow you to charge your phone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds without having cords running to 3 different charging stations. Not only does it give functionality it's sure to put a smile on the faces of minimalists.

This isn't exactly an eye-catching addition to the office, but... this particular product focuses on those days when you're just that jacked up or you need a little nap. This is a deluxe memory foam travel nap/sleeping pillow for your desktop. You put your face in the hole as seen here... and run your arm through the cove below. You can store this in a bag so that the dust doesn't set up residence, and when you're in need of some Z's, just whip this out.

Keep your alarm clock at the ready so that you don't oversleep with this, but... for those of you with the time to nap, it's worth it. This comes to mind even more so for game developers and other software developers who have to work through crunch times when they don't have a choice but to sleep in the office if they're going to get any sleep. Remember, some devs even sleep under their desks during this time. This doesn't just work on the desk, you can position yourself on the floor the same way or lean it on a chair and lay your head back in the opening. I may have one of these

I have to include earbuds on this list for a few reasons, active noise cancellation for those times you need to cut out the background noise, the ability to take phone calls while jotting down info, and for some options even have the ability to connect devices simultaneously like the 1More Evo. This comes in handy when you want to connect your earbuds to your phone and PC without the need to swap.

Speaking of the 1More Evo, what I've mentioned above... doesn't even cover the hi-res audio, but... you can check out the full review, here.

This next item is cool + functional, and no... you don't necessarily need something so ridiculously interesting sitting on your desk, but... deep down in your heart is a little kid that's like "Oh but yes I do, and a big bowl of cereal!". 

This is the Divoom Ditoo, and as far as function goes... it's a 10W DSP speaker with a screen that displays the reactive pixel art equalizer. The fun and function don't stop there, the mechanical keys work, along with the little joystick + you can use it as a clock, a white noise machine, an alarm clock, gives social media notifications, provides weather conditions, etc. This thing is kickass, and you might have visitors to your office space just to check it out.

The fun doesn't stop there, no no no! The duh of the day is... you can play games, but... you can also make beats, and... there's a full community of artists and creators that use this thing who create pixel art and so forth. This is one of those devices that keeps on giving, and who wouldn't want to take the edge off from a stressful call or enjoy a small break creating pixel art or something?

I still don't know a lot of people who have mug warmers in their offices, but... I know quite a few people who love to drink coffee and find themselves microwaving tall cups of joe. Why not just get a mug warmer and call it a day? You keep the coffee warm, make tea, hot chocolate... and (wait for it...) keep ramen noodles or something warm. 

This isn't as cool, but this set isn't bad looking and it's functional, especially for those of you who like to work past lunch. This Sweet Life set comes with the warmer, the cup, the cup lid, and the spoon in a nice gift set. If you gift one of these out, consider adding the person's favorite coffee, cocoa, or tea as a secondary gift.

This also works wonders for those of you who work under the weather and need warm Theraflu.

I have to put this on here... because of the cool + functional design. This is the PowerPort Cube, and as you see, it has a mounting tray that allows for it to be attached and detached as needed... just in case you need to put it to use elsewhere. The mount allows for it to be placed in a number of areas... whether it be standing on your desktop (which I'd probably have some sort of 3M strips or something for that), mounted on the wall, or mounted under your desk... which would work great in the area you need it most for quick hookups. The 3M pads would also work for those of you with a glass desk.

Nothing like having a convenient place to hook up, and outside of your desk, having these in various places around your office, office building, or home... is a win. Think about having one of these mounted underneath a coffee table top near the edge, no one has to reach around going that awkward search for an outlet.

There are different models, and the one I like the most is actually the cheapest. I wish it had a USB-C port like the one you see in black here, but I like the position of the USB ports on the side. The placement of the others isn't horrible, but if you attach them beneath a desk like this one, they wouldn't be as easy in terms of connecting the USB cables (outside of the USB-C). Maybe that's why they have one.

I'd recommend a desk that works well as a work table. I love desks like these because I love big commercial work tables but I also appreciate a good desk. This particular desk is not just a desk that comes in 3 different sizes with the 63" max coming in less than $170, but... you also get the cable management equipped + a headphone holder + a large mousepad + a cup holder + a game & USB controller rack. 

I recommend this desk for those who don't plan to lay the weight on it because this desk can only handle a max capacity of 260 lbs. It's not exactly commercial strength, but at the same time... the average person isn't going to overload their desk with items. So if you like what you see, the sizes range from 63" to 55" at $129.99 to the smallest  44" desk at $94.99.

I was going to wrap this up with the desk, but I completely forget about this adjustable LED double headlight. It has a level of cool based on the look, but it's super functional... delivering 3 color temp options + 10 brightness settings and you can shift it. One of the reasons this is included is because at times you don't want the light in your face and would prefer to focus it on a book or your art, etc.

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