2022 Wishmas Guide... for the Ladies!


Seasons Greetings Gift Hunters! While women have varying preferences, I will try my best to present a list that makes the most sense. Women love tech almost as much as men, but there are enough differences to make gift shopping a challenge. I hope to make the overall process simpler for you. 

Phones are great, but they're also a necessity for daily communication, and safety. So if you're in the market for a new phone, here are flagship recommendations with quality and affordability in mind.

Google Pixel 7 has great quality for $599, it's $300 less than the pro version. The pro version has more RAM, a telephoto lens as the third lens, and it's 0.4" larger. The specs of the standard 7 may not be as good, but it's a great phone that's a total win for $599.

6.3" FHD+ OLED Screen up to 90Hz
50MP Dual Rear camera
1080 x 2400 OLED at 416ppi which is slightly lower than the Pixel 6
HDR Support
On-board VPN coming soon
Google Tensor G2
IP68 Water resistant Gorilla Glass Victus on the front and back. I find this valuable for protection against spilled drinks and when your phone calls into the sink.
4355 mAh3 Battery
Pixel Adaptive Battery lasts up to 72 hours on extreme battery saver in case of emergencies.
8GB RAM. The pro is 12GB RAM.

OnePlus 10T is another great option, even if you haven't heard of the brand before. It's a smaller company but it has made waves for over 10 years or longer. OnePlus provides really good flagship phones with quality that challenges the rivals for reasonable prices. The OnePlus 10T comes in this really cute jade green color and an elegant (moonstone) black for $599.

50MP Triple Camera
6.7" 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED Screen
2412 x 1080 Pixels at 394 ppi
8GB LPDDR5. There is also a 16GB option.
128GB storage
4800 mAh

Phones are appreciated no matter a woman's age, and if she's had the same phone for a number of years it could be time for a change. iPhone and Galaxy are also options if you're willing to pay a little more or she's willing to trade in her current phone.

Cell phones cannot be listed without a power bank, because there are so many instances where we're so busy we forget to charge our phone and it's not safe to be without power. These two options are very reasonable in price when compared to other brands, but one has more features in its masculine frame.

The Liquipel Powertek 20,000 mAh power bank is $15.00. You can charge with USB-A or USB-C. The charger has two charging ports and carries a 1-year warranty. The design of the Liquipel Powertek 20,000 is very subtle in comparison to the Durecopow 20,000 mAh solar charging power bank

The Durecopow is a more rugged masculine design that's marketed to campers, but the versatility of this power bank makes it a great option. It's a power bank that we can charge through the standard port, but we can also charge it with solar power in instances where we have no access to electricity. I find this to be a great feature for emergencies. This option also has a compass, and a dual-led flashlight It also features dual ports for charging. Peace of mind is valuable, so a power bank is a plus.

TV is a given because it's always a plus to relax after a long day. It doesn't matter if you're gaming or enjoying your favorite show, a good tv is always a welcomed addition to your space. One of the best budget 4K TVs is the TCL 4-Series.

The 43" model is priced at $218 and features Roku built-in for streaming right out of the box with your internet connection.

This is a larger size but it's reasonable for an apartment or a bedroom. It's not as thin as you may assume, but the appearance is pleasant. The sizes range from 43" to a whopping 85" option, and feature Dolby Digital Plus.

If you sleep better at night with a familiar brand, then consider the LG 50" 4K UHD for $318.

The TV that she would appreciate the most as a gamer, would have to be a Samsung 4K QLED Smart TV. No Xbox is required to enjoy Game Pass, just connect your controller and sign into your account. The 43" option is $477.99.

It's hard to really say what the women in your life may want if you don't know for sure, sometimes it's safe to be cliche but get some intel. Clothing is an option, but if you're not sure and it's nothing with a cool theme then gift cards are a nice addition to your best guess if she hasn't presented you with a wishmas list.

A gift that keeps on giving is education, and Udemy has a vast library of affordable courses. If she desires to learn an additional skill for her field of expertise or a new skill, this Udemy courses can help. Courses cover web development, AWS Certification, Drawing, Python, Excel, and much more.

You can learn anywhere with Udemy. Learning on the go is a plus, but it may prove to be a challenge in public settings if she doesn't have headphones. So consider a good affordable pair of headphones with an active noise cancelation feature, a long battery life, and good sound.

The 1More Aero has 7 hours of battery life per charge and 28 hours with the charging case. The headphones feature fast charging that also gives you 3 hours of playtime after 15 minutes of charging. This gift will allow her to listen to the lessons, music, movies with spatial sound, and phone calls.

If you're still unsure, don't forget, women also need purses and bags. There are traditional purses, but there are also anime purses like the small One Piece Chopper shoulder bag. When it comes to carrying laptops, I do feel that a number of women don't care to carry around book bags and so they will stick to a large tote to accommodate it. However, there are some very fashion-forward and functional book bags worth considering. Book bags prevent the weight from being solely on one side when you're carrying a lot.

Happy shopping, and don't forget a cute unexpected gift. Tea is steadily growing in popularity for its benefits and taste, and a cutesy teapot with cups is sure to make her smile. This fortune cat teapot has everything she needs to make and serve her favorite tea. This cute option comes in red and white with gold trim.

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