Call of Duty: Warzone... is here and it's free, but do you have the space for it?

I won't lie... when I got the notification about Call of Duty: Warzone, I was like "Oh heck yeah" (happy dance)... until I saw the storage requirement and was like "Oh hell no". WHY???!!!!

If you have COD:Modern Warfare... the space won't be as high (mine was around 86GB... which is still freaking high), but the standard is 175GB. W...T...Frisbee? Luckily memory upgrades are coming soon.

Anyway, my first impression is that Warzone... looks good. You will be playing Warzone in 1st person, dive in solo... as a duo or a trio as you take on everyone else in pursuit of that top rank.

One thing I noticed immediately is that you start off with a gun in hand. It's a handgun... but it's better than no gun. That's different than the Battle Royale mode in COD: Mobile. Another difference I've seen between the two is that... when you're taken down in Warzone, you're captured and taken to a gulag where you have to fight 1 on 1 in order to be released back onto the field before game is done.

COD: Warzone is available for Windows 7 + 10 + PS4 + Xbox One (sorry Nintendo Switch owners).

The game is free, and it's crossplay... so if you wish to give it a whirl, game on!

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