Top Audiences Last Week!

To our audience... be safe... stay well... wash up regularly... and boost your immune systems!

Last week I listed boosting your immune system, but this week is all about protecting yourself with proper hygiene. Wash your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds... shoot for 30!

Sneeze or Cough into your sleeve... do the dab if you don't have a tissue!

Don't sneeze in anyone else's direction, block it out.

Don't touch your face or someone else's face.

Stay home if you're sick... think about the rest of us!

Avoid large crowds and avoid places like buffets or even fountain drink machines.

COVID-19 has affected the chronically ILL and the elderly the hardest, 
but... even if this isn't you... combating this virus is a team effort!

Stay healthy and game on!

Here's the top 10!

United States

Hong Kong






United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates, Canada and Mexico came close... game on!


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