03-21-2020 Update!

What's up SDGT supporters, we hope you're all doing well during all of this crazy COVID-19 crap that's been going on. I was in a panic until I turned the news off and only watched the official stuff from the government. I had to be reminded that the news gets rating from all this, so selling fear makes sense for them. It didn't make sense for me and my family, and maybe this will help you breathe a little easier. All we have to do is follow the rules, make sure we have what we need and not stress. I was getting depressed, but I feel better now and turning off the news might help you too.

Here's something you can look forward to this coming week, we're going to have a new episode of Watch & Nab! I think we're going to do the same for following week too, so you dudes and dudettes have the chance to Nab a free game.

I won't just leave you with that, here's some gameplay. Enjoy some food, chill exclusively with your family and friends who check out and game on. Peace out!

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!