Top Audiences Last Week: Extended Edition

Ahhh yes... I don't know if its because I'm going crazy with the social distancing or I've always been crazy, but join me for this extended list to celebrate the top audiences of last week! I'm doing well, we're all still doing well... fingers crossed as I take my vitamins (I hope these work)! I've got fruit snacks, ice cream, and a new stock of toilet paper... so i'm a happy camper right now! I would be even happier if I knew how to bake cookies with household ingredients. NOM NOM NOM NOM!

First up, let's jump into the Nintendo Direct (kinda sorta) Mini!

Nintendo Direct mini was okay, and I don't know... does all the re-released games make it a safe system to buy because a lot of the old good games are being release? 

That could be a good reason to buy it I guess, but if you're looking for more new experiences that might be a reason not to buy. I liked some of the games... but hasn't Nintendo become a super magnet for re-releases or is it just me? (Sigh)

This time around... I will do 15 of our top audiences of last week because it want to celebrate all of you for staying home being safe!

Safe distance... don't go around doing this!

United States
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

Colombia, Brazil and... Portugal came close!

Continue to self quarantine and check out Watch & Nab this Saturday at 7pm Eastern!


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