Dear Developers: Repackaging Delisted Free-To-Play Games!

Dear Developers,

When it comes to certain free-to-play games, if they have a component that delivers story and progression like a single player game... there should be the option to restructure the game instead of having it delisted. I can't stand when that happens. So, when a gem like Gigantic can be resurrected, I can't help but wonder if other titles - like Heaven Strike Rivals - could make a comeback too.

I mean, come on - taking on the AI in Heavenstrike Rivals was legit enjoyable. It was a blast progressing through the story, and I can't be the only one missing it. And if Square-Enix really wanted to, they could give us the multiplayer component by allowing players to host matches.

I'm bringing this up because it's not just Heaven Strike Rivals - there are games out there that deserve more than to be yanked from gamers (if they fit certain criteria). All that hard work by dev teams could have a second wind if it makes sense. And I'm not just talking about bringing these games back for nostalgia's sake. These games could still be super fun and engaging today. Who knows, it might just bring you even more success than the original version did.

I would've flipped Heaven Strike Rivals a few ways. Anyways, keep making great games, adapt to keep them available and... game on!

 + Sophima 

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