Fisker Ocean Extreme for... $24,000 Off?! Yep!

While it may sound hard to believe, Fisker, Inc. has gone through a major rough patch lately with declining stock and sales. There are a number of reasons that come to mind, including some very simple things that make the brand elusive (marketing). While this is a dark and a cloudy day for the EV manufacturer, it's an opportunity for a number of consumers seeking to buy a vehicle to land luxury vehicles for a steep discount. I'm talking... super steep at $24,000 off. This drops the top model below the base model, and if you love tech and have the coin... this might be the ride for you.

(Source Fisker, Inc.)

The solar powered Fisker Ocean Extreme that normally goes for $61,499 is currently being sold for $37,499 at Fisker Jacksonville. The lowest priced option is the Fisker Ocean Ultra, which is normally $52,999 and is currently available at the same location for $34,999. Prices are similar at Classic Fisker of Atlanta.

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Will this increase the incentive for the average consumer to buy and possible encourage the brand to take a different approach in terms of what the middle to lower class can afford? Only time will tell, but Fisker has to make it make (common) sense.

(Source HonestJohn UK)

The Fisker Ocean has what they call the Fisker Pulse Audio System. This audio system is 3D surround sound system featureing ELS Studio 3D. It has DJX 3D Surround, 15 speakers, a 19L subwoofer, and 6 speakers in the dashboard.

Additional Features Include:

Limo Mode

Cali Mode

Boost Mode

Find My Fisker

360 Miles full charge

Powertrain: Dual Motor AWD w/ Rear Disconnect

Battery: Hyper Range

SolarSky Roof (charge without a station)

Drive Modes: Earth, Fun, Hyper

Revolve 17.1" Centeral Touchscreen

Digital Rear View Mirror

Power Liftgate

Front/Rear Heated Seats

(The Ultra has the same features minu the 3D surround, Limo mode, and a few other options. Some options are replaced with things like Fisker Premium Sound +, and... OpenSky Roof vs SolarSky.) 

For the record, it's not just Fisker, because Tesla's feeling the heat too. Tesla says its the hybrid craze, but... just like Fisker they need to get onboard with what works and what's actually affordable. There are more people tired of the tricks and games than not in terms of getting behind the wheel of an affordable vehicle, so some have just budgeted for rideshare and called it a day. I know a guy who broke it all the way down too. He factored in car payment, insurance, gas prices, maintenance, registration, potential tickets he'd avoid and he's saving hundreds of dollars. People get creatively strategic in terms of saving money when a budget is imperative. So I don't know how many people are moving in the direction of ole' Doug, but... you never know how many will. There needs to be an incentive to make some want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle again, and one of the biggest factors is affordability. Am I right or am I right? I love all types of cool looking vehicles, but i'm not spend crazy coin on them.

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