5 Affordable PC Games for... $1+ or less!


While some games cost a pretty penny, others will cost you just a few. So for all those gamers who want to try something new for $1 or less, look no further. Here are 5 games that make it possible.

I'll start this list off with a third-person puzzle game by the name of, Neuragun.

This game gives you a series of challenging puzzles that put you to the test to solve a maze of mysteries, all for the purpose of trying to escape the science complex.

Neuragun can be snagged for $0.83, so if you have a buck, you're in luck!

We remain in the sci-fi category with a fantasy flare in this top down action-based tactical adventure known as, We Are The Dwarves. You embark on an expedition to find a new star in the depths of the Endless Stone with three Dwarven astronauts. The action may seem overwhelming to some, but the active pause gives you the ability to deliver your best strategies in battle with the Forcer dwarf, Smashfist dwarf, and the Shadow dwarf. If you use them to the best of your ability, victory will be yours. We Are The Dwarves is available for $0.55!

The sci-fi action continues with the futuristing ninja action in, The Divine Invasion. In this game, you join a social experienment where moral values are lagging behind technological progress, meaning synthetic life-forms, and AI will challenge you as you waver between light and darkness. Combat in this third person game revolves around sword fights and martial arts action. Grab, The Divine Invasion for $1.24!

The last two games may appear to be a bit of a head scratcher because, Euphoria: Supreme Mechanics, seems to have screenshots pulled right out of, Dofamine (although it's a slightly darker tone). However, the gameplay video is different for Euphoria, it looks as if you're playing with a superhuman character in a third person game that lacks of environmental appeal. Natural things like land and trees are there, but building are not. You just sort of navigate around these invisible platforms that are lit glowing.

Don't be fooled by this, they're both puzzle games with similar paths as far as solving mysteries. No biggie if you like these sort of games, especially since they're both sitting at $0.80!

Below is the actual gameplay as presented by WandaWeb:

Regardless of what you snag, just know what you're supporting indie devs, plus a charity.
So enjoy doing good things and as always, game on!


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