Can you play the original Gigantic with new players? Here are the results!

So, I had quite the adventure getting Gigantic installed and not... running. First, I had to deal with missing DLL warnings, that I resolved by uninstalling and reinstall the game. 

Then, I had to jump onto the Arc platform and create a new account because you can't justt play the game from Steam. But finally, I can say with certainty... if you owned the original version, you have to buy Gigantic Rampage Edition if you want back in.

I kinda get why they did it - they want to bring in new sales and stuff. and I respect that. However, I think it's a missed opportunity to grow the player base. They could have given Rampage Edition owners access to exclusive stages that the original owners can't play. This would have increased the incentive to buy, while giving Rampage Edition owners access to other players.

I mean, let's be real here: we don't know who's willing to return. So, opening up the opportunity to play with Rampage Edition owners would have been a really cool way to reignite interest in the game. But, hindsight is 20/20, and... it is what it is.

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