Are you ready for... Fallout Fever?! (Free Free Free)

Hi Folks, this is ole RkRk here (I actually do feel old after tripping this morning, this temporary limp has added a little more playalistic flare to mmy look... but yeah) are you ready for Fallout Fever?!

This is more on the unofficial side as far as names go, but it might as well be when it comes to the Fallout Series on Prime being celebrated with the promotion of free games like... Fallout 76, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel + Fallout New Vegas & Fallout 3 GOTY being playable free on... Luna! Did I forget to mention that you get 11 additional games for free? Oh yes folks... that too, so grab a game controller and one of those fancy computers or TVs that's got the internet inside it... and game on!

In addition to the things mentioned above, enjoy Music from Fallout + Merch + More!


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