To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade? The PS5 Pro Dilemma for Gaming Enthusiasts

Attention, gamers! The age-old question has resurfaced: should you take the plunge and upgrade to the latest and greatest gaming console? In this case, we're talking about the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro. For those whose current PS5 is on its last leg, the decision is a no-brainer – it's time for an upgrade. But what about the rest of us?

If you're a visual junkie akin to those PC gamers with deep pockets, the PS5 Pro's promised upgrades might just be the ticket to gaming nirvana. But for those who don't fall into either of those camps, it's time to do some soul-searching (in the most unserious kinda sorta playing but not really way possible).

How often do you actually play your games, or do they mostly collect dust? If you're constantly on the go, that shiny new console might end up being more of a pricey paperweight than a worthwhile investment. Instead, consider diverting those funds toward a versatile handheld gaming option – like the Steam Deck, which doubles as a work device for jet-setters. You can still access games from over a decade ago, but you can also break out a keyboard and mouse for far more than games like Diablo IV. Take a look at Aaronjoi's setup (everything you see here is connected to the Steam Deck via the dock):

No shade to Nintendo, but... Switch can't do this (it doesn't have to, but... still).

But let's not forget the gamers who religiously log in and level up. If you can't quite swing the PS5 Pro upgrade yet, don't fret! Gaming isn't going anywhere, and with some savvy saving, that sleek new console could be yours in due time. Just resist the urge to take out a loan – those interest rates are a real buzz-kill and just aren't worth it... because the good vibes will vanish quicker than a shinobi.

And for those eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6, the ultimate question: would you rather experience it on your trusty PS5 or hold out for the rumored AI-upscaled visuals of the Pro when you can finally afford it? It's not a tough call if you keep it real with yourself. Where would you rather invest your money? Hobbies vary... and if gaming is yours without a doubt then tucking money in a jar will have you ready for that purchase when the time is right. Whichever path you choose, keep those controllers charged and... game on!

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