FTS: Help Is On the Way! Generation Zero’s First Friendly Machine Companion Arrives Today in a Free New Update


Help Is On the Way! Generation Zero’s First Friendly Machine Companion Arrives Today in a Free New Update

Yes, you can pet the Companion!

STOCKHOLM – June 29, 2023 – Systemic Reaction’s open-world roguelite Ravenbound has revealed a new DLC today alongside its latest 1.1 content update. The “Hammers of Ávalt” DLC, free to keep on Steam for a limited time, introduces the brand-new hammer weapon type, giving players powerful new ways to slay their foes. In addition, the free Update 1.1 delivers a new skill tree for progression, secrets to uncover, and a range of improvements and bug fixes for all players. And with the removal of the Apex Connect requirement, players can now choose to experience Ravenbound’s fantasy open world offline for the first time!

STOCKHOLM July 18, 2023 Systemic Reaction has released the free Companion Update for its open-world stealth action game Generation Zero on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. It is also free for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers. The update adds one of the community’s most long-requested features: the Machine Companion, the game’s first-ever machine friendly to players. This customizable ally is at your disposal to attack enemy machines, provide extra mobile storage for items, and help you take down hostile factions!

The Runner-type Machine Companion is here to aid the Resistance! After picking up the new “Making Friends” mission at the Vesslan Bunker Warboard, you’ll unlock your very own machine friend, with a customizable name, weapons, color scheme, and even voice! Use new emotes to interact with your Companion, keep it healthy by repairing it when it takes damage, and team up to defeat enemies together.

Players can make their trusty Machine Companion even handier on the battlefield with the new premium “Companion Accessories Pack” DLC. Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation for $/€6.99, the bundle features three additional behavior modules which can expand the functionality of your sidekick even further, adding the ability for your Companion to heal you when you’re wounded, collect and store loot from downed foes, or mark enemy machines, increasing their visibility and damage received in combat. The DLC also includes extra armor and cosmetic customization options for your Machine Companion.

Generation Zero puts players on the front line of the battle against the machines in an alternate history Sweden. With 25 major updates and two massive story expansions implemented since launch, there’s never been a better time to join Generation Zero’s community of over four million players.

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