Office... Upgraded for Small Spaces: Add-Ons For Artists

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 Add-Ons For Artists 

I couldn't forget about artists when it comes to office upgrades, but if you're not an artist... stay tuned!

A place for your sketch pads should definitely be considered. One of which allows for vertical storage so that you don't have to pull from under others and potentially have a spill or a sloppy look.

This organizer is 9.25"L x 8.26"W x 7.28"H

If you're a concept artist or something similar and you work from home, add a pinboard/corkboard or another type of board that allows you to attach images on the wall space. If you need them directly in front of you, but you don't have the wall space... or it's a window, consider stringing them across from wall to wall with clips for the drawings. 

Think of how the festival flags are hung up from strings that run over carnivals and party spaces, you can just clip the art for a temporary period. Folders w/ sleeves will certainly be a requirement for the loose images if you want organization, but this is a "Duh of the Day" for most of you. I still recommend a vertical storage option for easier access.

If you're a traditional artist or you start on paper, keep the printer/scanner in a convenient area.

Oh yeah, speaking of paper... a place to store your printer paper is a must, it's something that gets used and doesn't pile up in the form of waste. Find a place to store the paper that keeps it clean and flat for your printing needs. A number of us use different types of printing material (myself included), so you can even use stackers or a multi-slot solution to store these print materials.

A number of artists go into detail with various tip sizes and colors when it comes to pencils, pens, and such... so storage for these items is a must. Tossing them loosely in a container might work, but fishing through them isn't going to be as efficient. Verticle or slanted storage/holders work great so that you can grab what you need quickly. You see the size of the pen and color at the tip when it's stored that way, and if you place them according to size and even have them listed based on colors... knowing what's what and where it's located will become second nature. 

There are multiple office storage solutions, so don't stop at one.

If you're a digital artist, or you do both traditional & digital, definitely consider a digital drawing tablet. I highly suggest one with a screen... especially if you don't have experience with screenless tablets. This can go on your desk if you utilize it daily, or... place it on the shelf until needed.

If you wish to go... green, I highly suggest a digital drawing tablet because it will reduce paper usage down to 0 as far as drawing is concerned.

By the way, for artists... I recommend getting a glass desk if you can get it to fit in the area. The reason is... if you need a lightbox (for traditional art), all it takes is a little DIY to turn your entire desktop into a lightbox.

Here are 3 ways to pull it off:

If you aren't going with the cheapest option of using standard paper and a small lamp, you can even use a ring light with a tripod and tilt it up at the underbelly so that you get the lightbox effect. There are also other options like the 360-degree flexible gooseneck light you see below. You can actually turn this upside down and cover the underbelly of the table nicely. I'd recommend this for the static cling and spray-painted options.

I hope these add-ons allow you to make a positive productive impact with your space.

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