The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart... Reviewed!

Before I jump in, I'd like to thank WB for supplying us with a copy of 
this movie for review. My opinions are my own.

The film starts off with Brock and his OSI (Office of Secret Intelligence) squad searching for Hank who was last pinged in Queens, NY. Despite the serious intro, it wasn't long before humor was inserted. Next thing you know... bang (action) an explosion occurred down the street that Brock and his OSI squad ran to investigate... that left Dean concerned about Hank as the attention shifted. This was before the intro, but it served up two of the many scenarios you will experience in this film. 

Does 'The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart', deliver enough oomph to hold my interest from beginning to end? Let's find out!

Story: This all-new original film is clean and serves up a solid storyline with multiple moving parts. One of the cogs in this film is the situation between Dr. Venture & the Monarch. The Guild of Calamitous Intent is giving the Monarch a cold shoulder because they're questioning his relationship with Dr. Venture. They want to make sure they aren't close, which makes me think back on the show and something that occurred. Let's just say the Monarch's wife (Sheila) had to get DNA from Dr. Venture for verification of sorts. That's a smaller cog, but it still matters because they're bumping heads based on her being a... councilwoman for the Guild. It's a busy film, so you will have to pay attention, but... the machine that makes up 'The Venture Bros: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart' has multiple cogs that will keep you interested from beginning to end.

Another cog includes Arch, a competing organization for baddies... being led by someone close to... (Malcolm) the Monarch & Dr. Venture. There is another cog related to this cog too, that represents the Monarch, and it's connected to the Guild & Arch. Speaking of Arch, the leader's outfit gives me G-Force vibes to a certain degree (I like it).

Hank & Dean have a few shared cogs as well, but I'll let you experience those yourself. Going back to Dean being concerned about Hank, Dr. Venture isn't concerned because it's typical for him to run off. The Doc is more concerned with his product line that's about to launch in order to pull his company back from the brink of going belly up. The writers found a way to connect Dr. Venture's cog to Arch also and the results are... out of this world!

There wasn't a part of this film that I had an issue with, and I enjoyed each side story (I'm telling you, there was a crap load of cogs in this machine). I think one of my faves is Dean's and his side story with Jefferson & Dr. Orpheus (man)... badass... badass... badass (shout out to Wesley Snipes and to the writers). Hank's adventure was solid too, which was a very smart approach based on what occurred to him.

Fun fact: Wesley Snipes is on my list of favorite actors.

You will see Hank in more ways than one... just remember that he's on a journey to find himself, but even someone on his path is a huge cog in more ways than one. This doesn't even serve up everything that occurred and what was said regarding one-liners + the finale... with a twist wrapped up in true Venture Bros. style. You will figure out the title of the film once it's said and done... and it doesn't x future movies off the list, so they should keep em coming (why not?)!

By the way, watch past the credits.

Visuals: Visuals are solid and look polished. I didn't look at this and get the feeling that I was watching a 'Made for TV' movie. They did a great job, see for yourself:

Audio: When it comes to the audio in this film, it gets two thumbs up. It's served up via DTS-HD Master Audio in 5.1 surround sound, which you hear right off the bat with Hi-Res headphones and surround sound systems. Do you know how some films and movies require you to really listen out for spatial audio? That's not the case here and it makes it even more lively (even the car scene with Mr & Mrs Monarch made me feel like was in the vehicle with them... especially while wearing the headphones). I used 1More SonoFlow headphones with DTS Surround enabled, as well as Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound. Both are solid options for this film (I've watched it several times).

Price + Extras: Pricewise... The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart comes in at $19.99 SRP for Digital and $29.98 SRP for Blu-Ray + Digital (which is the better option). We always try to get you the lowest price possible, so click the links and save. I don't have a problem with the Blu-Ray+Digital price, but I'd suggest taking $5 off the digital (luckily you can save even more for either at the links).

Special Features:

Commentary by co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

Jackson and Doc Answer Fan Questions (Commentary)

Hodgman and Friends (Featurette) - John Hodgman digs deep with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer to learn more about the making of Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart and untold tales about their series. Fans will eat this up.

By the way, you see the poster, right? That's included, but... back when I did the review of The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series, I complained that there should have been something like a poster added as a plus to sweeten the pot. I presented it to the team (shout out to Jamie for sharing my thoughts), and it might be a coincidence... but a poster's included with this. Either way, it's a win for the fans!

The Digital version drops today & you can grab it on Blu-Ray... July 25th!

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price 5 (this is based on the Blu-Ray+ Digital we received)

5 out of 5 Cool Points (Easy 5)

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