Amazon Prime Day: Fun Buys, Functional Buys... or Both?!

Amazon Prime Day is like Black Friday in the Summer! Amazon has made its own version of the popular shopping event and it's basically going on right now! Before you start spending though, consider what you need and then what you want, not just what's on sale (if it's truly a deal... look around).

Buying impulsively seems like fun, but it sometimes leads to items that just sit around unused... and space is valuable.

One particular product that I've mentioned several times is the Echo Show 15 HD, and this year they gave it a nice drop from Prime Day. The Echo Show 15 HD is a solid option if you want a combination of fun and function. This device can be mounted and be used as a hub for the family to manage tasks and reminders. Right now, you can get it for $182, which is nearly $100 cheaper than the regular price. It can connect to smart TVs and speakers, and even be used as an intercom system. 

You can display your baby on a part of the screen to keep watch with an Alexa-compatible cam. While this would likely appeal more so to smart home fans, I also think about those who tend to be forgetful and can't remember tasks and chores. This type of option is a solid assistant to bypass such an issue.

A cool want for a useful product... is the 5th generation Echo Dot Limited Edition Star Wars Stand. It has 3 amazing options to choose from, Darth Vader, the Mandalorian, and a Stormtrooper. You sit the Echo Dot inside and the level of cool takes flight. 

What would make this even better (and some of you already know where I'm going with this) is... if they gave owners the option of changing Alexa's voice to fit these options. Now that would truly be out of this world. I think Star Wars fans would have a robotic cow if someone created a... hmmm, I think I'll actually hold on to this one.

For those who are into hi-fi music, Amazon has the Echo Link 60-watt 2-channel Amp. This offers high-quality sound, as well as access to headphones, Optical In/Out, standard L & R Speaker Out, 7.1 surround sound, and even wireless Echo speakers and vinyl record players. 

The connection can be made via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and the Echo Link Amp is available for $210 rather than $300 during Prime Day. This caught my eye for sure and gives you access to nearly all of the music platforms that I know of. 

Would it make an Audiophile cheer? No clue, but I've got my eye on it now.

Lastly, Amazon finally got the hint with Luna and included a month of Luna+ with the purchase of a controller. You can grab this bundle for $39.99 and play on your phone, tablet, tv via fire stick, or a fire tv. Whether you stick to gaming monthly via Luna+ or go down to the basic, as long as you have Prime... you can play... something at no additional charge. This month (in addition to Fortnite), you can also play HotWheels Unleashed, Endzone: A World Apart, Mail Mole, and Metal Slug... at no additional fee.

There are plenty of other prime day deals out there, so get your browse on while the getting is good and check the official coupons to see where you can save even more.

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