Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down Products... Reviewed!

Before I jump in, shout out to Team Keeper for providing these ratchet tie-downs for review!

Quality: The Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down options that were provided to us for this review were the 500 lb general-purpose camo desert option and the 1000 lb professional grey option. I should say these are the options chosen because we were given multiple options to choose from, but... we wanted to give you two different ratchet types and levels to show you the difference.

The quality of these ratchet tie-downs is nothing to play with. The general purpose option surprised me the most because you can clearly use it for professional purposes like moving fridges and ATVs, it's just not on that industrial level. 

The straps are durable and there are no slips with the metal ratchet. The hooks are thick on both options, the professional has the double j-hooks to hold while the general has a single s-hook to hold. Straps on the professional option are a lot tighter in knit, while the general-purpose straps can be bent (before they're tightened). These are ideal when you need to tie something down. The smaller ones are a waste to me because securing a product without a struggle to strap it down is a clear win. I don't even bother with the ones that lack a handle nowadays.

Ease of Use: I won't say the brand, but I assembled my daughter's trampoline using a thin tie-down to pull and connect the springs. Did it suck? 100%! The hooks began to bend during the countdown to completion and the multi-pack was reduced down to one, and I had to use a separate hook to pull the spring further to attach it.

My hands were burned out and I had to pull the tiny ropes, so when I tell you the bigger more durable ratchet tie-downs are a no-brainer... it's no joke (and she barely used the trampoline). Sorry, I had a flashback.

The General Purpose option comes with the mini pistol grip ratchet, which is my fave of the two because you can just pump it like you're holding a standard handle. I believe most people will find this handle to be the most comfortable.

The open molded handle on the professional option is good, but it would put a tad more wear on the fingers the more you tighten the straps, but overall, they're pretty smooth during the tightening process (the pistol grip is just better).

Design: The design of the straps isn't bad, and the industrial actually has the most informative strap. As you see it has the WLL 1,000 LBS (short for Working Load Limit 1,000 LBS) listed on the straps.

The general-purpose strap doesn't have this info listed on the strap (it's on a connected tag), which would be great for an immediate indication of what the limit is. Always check, because while the break strength is three times the working load limited, it's not safe to push it or... use the straps on something that you have no idea of what the weight actually is.

Price: Pricewise you can get the Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down 1,000lb option for $43.96. I'm not mad at this price, it's a 4-pack and it gets the job done well. Ratchet Tie-Downs actually saved a few office purchases years ago when office tables had to be transported. They weren't mind, but a team member had some and saved the day... because the rope was questionable at best. The Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down 500lb option comes in at $34.43 and I've even found it priced for $29.98 with a 5% off special, so grab the option that suits you best if needed.

Quality 5

Ease of Use 5

Design 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points