Happy Video Games Day!

Happy Video Games Day everyone! According to National Today, video games have been around since 1940... and it's safe to say that most of us were around then (I know I wasn't), but there were obviously some serious enhancements since then. I wouldn't say that every day was a sunny day since then because there have been quite a few downs... but the billion-dollar industry is bigger than ever.

Old school games are still being enjoyed (and not only Super Mario Bros), which includes some of the old arcade video games... being kept alive through newer games (i.e. the Yakuza franchise).

You have a slew of games, more games than I can even attempt to start counting or naming off for all ages. We have a slew of genres to enjoy, from the action, platformer, to shooters, to horror, to racing, sports, hybrid, fighting, light gun games, puzzle, bullet hell, etc. We enjoy these games through single-player, multiplayer, co-op, PvP, Free-To-Play, MMORG, and so on by way of the console, pc, mobile, and even VR headsets with controllers, fight sticks, keyboards and mice, touch screens, and motion controls.

Yes, enjoyable beautiful videos... which can easily be placed in the top tier of my favorite pass times. If you just kinda sorta game, research and find the various genres to get your hands on the games that will take that small time and amplify it with a fun memorable experience. Game on! - Blu

Happy Video Games Day! Kick the haters to the curb online and enjoy your experience or play single-player games. I'm celebrating by playing RPG games and chatting with my cousins. It's the same old same old, but that's what I love to do! Happy Video Games Day, game on! - Luis D. Lucha

What's up everyone, Happy Video Games Day! My favorite type of games are sports but I also play fighting and RPG games. So if y'all see MVE DOLO17 online, let's go! - DOLO17

Happy Video Games Day 2020,

The holiday was created to celebrate the love and creation of videogames. There are developers in regions around the world with games that we respect. I play more of the obscure games, but also play mainstream games like Zelda and Tetris.

9 times out of 10, there is a game out there for you so support the developers that make them possible. This is video games day, but it's only fair to also mention pinball, card games, and tabletop RPGs that play a part in the industry. These genres have also found success in digital form. ζΈΈζˆεΌ€ε§‹ - Yang

Happy Video Games Day! Can I get a cake shaped like a game console or something? That would soooo be the perfect way to celebrate... along with video games. Hehehe

I like action games, sometimes I play other games but they can't be slow-paced... and they have to look cool too. I use to play NBA Jam because it was flashy and fun (HE'S ON FIRE!). If I could have one game for video games day, it would be a new Saints Row game where it's more realistic but... still crazy. I didn't like Saints Row IV, but I loved Saints Row: The Third. The Saints don't need to be in the White House, a new game could take them global and have more backstory for the gang members. I would love to see that... for real. I'm playing Saints Row: The Third... after I get some food (non nom nom). Game on! - RkRk

Happy Video Games Day! I think my favorite genre right now is battle royale games that I can play with my friends and talk crap. - Suxky

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