HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water... Reviewed!

This came right on time because I need to drink more water. Don't tell my wife or my mom that I said that. Shout out to HyEdge for supplying HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water!

Package Design: As you see, HFactor team sent over a variety pack, along with one of the bigger pouches of water. The pouches are durable and with the built-in straw, you're able to drink every last drop. This product is also made in source-reduced packaging.

It has been hot (ha... hot... Hot... HOT), and it has been kicking my behind... but I still have to get out and get active. I'm glad this package arrived at the time it did, so let's jump into finding out what the product is.

According to HFactor, the product came about after decades of research... due to evidence of what hydrogen infused water does for the body. They say that it enhances how the body feels, functions, and renews itself.

The company says that reverse osmosis filtering (which I've heard of before) ensures the purity and taste of HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water by way of delivering pure hydrogen + pure water (that's it).

That said... it's time to get my drink on in order to determine how I feel after drinking HFactor, and I can't forget about the taste.

Taste: The first flavor up to bat is... watermelon. It doesn't have sugar (neither have sugar according to the packaging), and it tastes like its sugarless. It just has a hint of something that reminds you that watermelon is on the premises. Other than that... (don't laugh at me but...) it tastes like water... with a little something extra (which is likely based on the process used to produce the water). I'm not crazy about the Watermelon, the Blood Orange, the Honeydew, or the standard unflavored product. 
I don't hold that against the product, that's all on me because... I'm not crazy about the taste of water, I'm very particular but... all isn't lost... the Tart Cherry is a win. It's not just tolerable, I can drink this one enjoyably.

I'm not sure what they did differently with that flavor, but it doesn't just have a hint of fruit... it has more flavor. I would like the others to have more flavor if they're going to be... flavored.

One thing I will say is that this is best served nice and cold, so follow the recommendation from team HFactor... which also suggests that you consume the water within 30 minutes time (I'm totally guessing that has something to do with maintaining the quality before the contents in the air do something to it). 

Usefulness: Now when it comes to the increased athletic performance and reduced inflammation from exercise... I give props to this product, it delivers. It worked after going to the park to play soccer with my daughter, but... it also helped in a way that I didn't expect.

I generally get up around the 3am (Eastern) window, and one of the days after a really hot day at the park I woke up with head tension. I went in the fridge and grabbed one of the pouches (watermelon I believe), and although I wasn't crazy about the flavor... my head tension went... POOF. Hey... screw the flavor at that point, I was surprised and also felt a bit more awake.

I wasn't sure why that was, and how I could gain relief so quickly... but the product brings more oomph to H2O... and apparently helped me get over a dehydration headache.

According to Medical News Today, the brain can contract or shrink from fluid loss. This is obviously movement that causes the brain to pull away from the skull... which is where the headache comes from. So think of your brain as a grape, and if you don't remain hydrated... it can essentially dry up a little like a raisin. Once rehydrated, the brain goes back to normal and poof goes the headache... which explains what happened with me. I thought it was really cool to find that out, and the fact that the product helped my head tension dissipate so quickly.

I've drunk water to relieve head tension before, but it didn't help me that quickly... so I have to give that credit to HFactor.

Other days I went out for P.E. and came back to drink more servings of the HFactor water, and felt better after the fact. I wasn't sore or anything after P.E. but I didn't feel sun-sapped after drinking HFactor. I had a heavy workout on one of the days that I drank the water and I wasn't that sore after the fact.

Price: Pricewise, you get 12 pouches in this variety pack for... $29.99. That's about $2.50 a pouch for 11 FL OZ, I think it would be easier to swallow at $1.50 to $2.00 per pouch unless I have a dehydration headache... then I'm all in. I'd go for the 12 pouches of Tart Cherry... which I discovered is on back-order at the time of this review, it's the only one on back-order (everything else is in stock). Perhaps that should be a sign for team HFactor to reevaluate the other flavors.

Overall, this is a quality product that actually worked for me. Tart Cherry was good, can't speak for the taste of the other flavors but... I'm speaking as a soda & juice drinker.

Package Design 5

Taste 2 (Tart Cherry is a 5)

Usefulness 5

Price 4

4 out of 5 Cool Points

Check out HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water here.