Dear Developers: Bad Impressions

I had to come at team Xbox based on how they were hating on Sony for the newest Unreal Engine reveal on the PS5, but... this... THIS (seen below), I do not contest. Sony screwed up with the recent pre-orders, you didn't know who was open for pre-orders until you went to the site and saw that they were sold out in most cases. So I can't get mad at Xbox for reminding everyone that they have options available for pre-order... soon (by way of a subtle jab).

I don't see the tweet swaying the decisions of the die hard Playstation fans, but we never know who it may entice. I'm still leaning towards Playstation for myself because of the exclusives, while Xbox i'm more like, see ya on PC (if the game comes out).

When it comes to both the Playstation 5 Digital Edition & the Xbox Series S, they're the more affordable options... but if I recommend any console... it would be the versions that allow for the use of a disc. I play games on PC primarily, and most of my games are digital (98% are digital)... but I'm wary of digital on console because the support window begins to count down on its life cycle at launch. I get solace when discs are involved.

Speaking of discs, I'd have the option of enjoying 4K Blu-ray with a disc drive (and the standard PS5 will only cost $100 more). From a value standpoint, it will cost more now... but what will you be able to use that available disc drive for? Well, I'm glad you asked... self! Used PS5 games + PS4 discs + movies + shows!

Think of how the price difference will be when it comes to older digital PS5 games versus physical discs. The price in most cases will be more for the digital version (the price tends to hold stronger in digital form) unless there's a sale. 

Anyway, I believe that someone's head is going to roll over the PS5 pre-order madness. 

Dear Developers,

When it comes to console launches if you don't know what's what... it's best just to keep quiet and make no sudden moves until you have a handle on a potential issue. This includes bugs, but in this post, I'm talking about console pre-orders.

I won't put this on the actual dev team, because they aren't the ones who make these sorts of decisions. I'm directing it straight towards the decision-makers that bang the start button on pre-orders and launch dates.

Don't say that pre-orders will "be available starting as early as tomorrow at select retailers", list who they are, Sony. Gamers and the parents of gamers... should never come across a staggered pre-order window where one company allows them ahead of another, only to turn around and be left out in the cold because the pre-orders are sold out (on the site they were available on, and also the site they went back to).

I understand that there is a pandemic going on (approaching the PS5 + Xbox Series S & X launches), but... that doesn't mean that anyone gets a pass for fumbling the pre-order process. If you wanted to stagger the pre-orders or that's the way it occurred based on the retailers, then list the dates and don't leave your customers guessing. There is a pandemic going on, and money isn't as easy to come by for most citizens in the U.S. (before the pandemic money wasn't as easy to come by if we're going to be honest).

I won't rag on Sony too bad, mainly because customers weren't screwed out of money or something... and this doesn't make or break the quality of the product, but it is a bad impression worth learning from.

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